The 10 Smartest Characters From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has provided hours of fun and hilarity throughout its eight-season run with a lovely team of misfit detectives at the 99th Precinct. Different characters are paired or grouped in two or three branching storylines that span the entire episode in most episodes.

10. Rosa was a slow, thoughtful, and self-aware woman.

Rosa Diaz isn’t the most colorful character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but she doesn’t give the impression that  progressed from the terrifying and mysterious detective she was in the pilot, learning to emote and connect with others while maintaining her ferocious intensity.

9. Gina frequently surprised everyone with her unconventional wisdom, despite her general demeanor.

“Gina knows best,” Gina said herself. While this is mostly just a manifestation of Gina’s erratic ego, she does have her moments of surprising the detectives, demonstrating that she can be clever when she wants to be; she doesn’t show it very often.

8. Terry Developed Into A Reliable Father, Husband, Colleague, and Leader With a Wide Range of Skills

As played by Terry Crews, Terry Jeffords demonstrates that he is far more than a gym-loving tank of a man. Throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he exhibits a variety of personalities.

7. Holt was always one step ahead of Madeline Wuntch.

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine did an excellent job introducing characters that fans would love to despise while still keeping their interactions with everyone amusing. Raymond Holt and Madeline Wuntch’s relationship is a prime example of this, with the two frequently sparring verbally with countless zingers and burns.

6. Jake Peralta was a great detective, but he lacked conventional intelligence.

Jake Peralta is a problematic person to quantify and analyze. He is unquestionably one of the best detectives in the 99th Precinct, solving cases with impressive intellect and application of facts regularly. However, outside of his detective work, his intelligence leaves a lot to be desired.

5. Doug Judy was always aware of when and how to flee.

Throughout the entire Brooklyn Nine-Nine series, Doug Judy is Jake Peralta’s criminal foil turned close friend. Judy only appears once a season, so his episodes are just as popular as the “Halloween Heists.”

4. Philip Davidson Committed The “ideal” Crime, but his ego got the best of him.

The Box is one of the best scenes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and it didn’t need to be moved. Jake, Skipper Holt, and the murder suspect, Philip Davidson, were more than enough to make this episode nearly ideal.

3. Amy Santiago was never shy about displaying her intelligence and nerdiness.

Amy Santiago is frequently teased and chastised for her “teacher’s pet” enthusiasm and love of logic and rules. Despite this, she has progressed from a detective to a Captain.

2. Captain Holt was a role model who only needed to learn how to interact with others.

Despite this, he didn’t always adore his coworkers due to the severe discrimination he faced while trying to advance as an openly gay black officer. Not only did he need a lot of willpower and perseverance to get through all those years, but Holt is also a genius.

1. Kevin Costner Was Considered The Clever One Of The Relationship, With Holt Being The “Bimbo.”

Captain Holt’s husband Kevin is a Professor and Head of the Classics Department at Colombia University. At the same time, he and his husband Raymond are perfect for each other and seem to have so much in common.

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