7 Season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine transforms Captain Holt into John Wick (and it’s fantastic)

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7, a case became very personal for Captain Holt, resulting in an episode that was a perfect John Wick homage. The show began on Fox before moving to NBC, which has since been renewed for season 8. It follows the chaotic adventures of New York’s 99th Police Precinct.

Captain Raymond Holt, played by Andre Braugher, is in charge of the highly dysfunctional group. For his role as Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Street, he won an Emmy. For his job as Nick Atwater in the FX miniseries Thief, he would win a second Emmy.

On the other hand, Braugher could blend his comedic and dramatic performances in Brooklyn 99 season 7, episode 12, “Ransom,” with a dash of action hero on top. Holt’s emotions were on display more than ever, from his inability to contain his rage during initial negotiations to punching a hole in a wall after a failed rescue attempt.

The episode also served to infuse the show with some new questions. Still, the biggest takeaway will undoubtedly be just how surprisingly similar John Wick and Captain Holt are.

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