The 10 Worst Things Amy And Rosa Did To Each Other on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

 With its current eighth season, the popular police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to a close, and so much that it was saved from cancellation in the middle of its run. The characters are not only easy to love, but they’ve also demonstrated a strong sense of loyalty to one another. The squad has a sense of family, which is at the heart of any great workplace comedy. Nonetheless, the story has several points where the characters have done or said questionable things.

Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz could not appear to be more dissimilar, which is why their friendship is so unexpected and refreshing. They do, however, have disagreements with one another from time to time.

Rosa’s Move Following Amy’s Visit

Rosa mentions in the third-season episode “Greg and Larry” that no one knows where she lives. Terry says that he believes Rosa once invited Amy to her apartment, to which Rosa responds, “Yeah, it was fun.” “The next day, I relocated.”

Amy made Rosa’s Fear Fun Of

Rosa’s refusal to participate in the blood drive is due to her fear of needles. As Amy discovers in the episode “House Mouses.” Amy gets a little too excited about someone’s phobia, and Rosa Diaz, intelligent, independent, and self-assured, makes a typical snide remark.

When Rosa said that spending four hours with Amy was the worst thing she’d ever done

In “Stakeout,” Rosa says that the longest she’s ever spent alone with a human was four hours, and it was the worst experience of her life. She recalls their four-hour trip to Boston with aplomb. She has a hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine moment when she realizes that Rosa was referring to the Boston trip.

Amy dismissed Rosa’s Plans.

She and Rosa fight over who gets the next Saturday off from work in the second-season episode “Windbreaker City.”  She quickly dismisses Rosa’s claim that she has plans with her parents. Claiming that Rosa doesn’t even like her parents.

When Rosa Forfeited Amy’s Paperwork

Tensions are already high in “The Night Shift” because no one on the team is used to working nights. Amy confronts Rosa after discovering Rosa’s trips to the bathroom are Rosa walks away from the police station to sit alone on a bench and leaves Amy to do all the work.

Rosa’s Horrible Advice to Amy

Amy seeks Rosa’s advice on a sexual assault case in the sixth-season episode “He Said, She Said.”  Despite not knowing that Amy’s case is personal. Rosa’s advice is for the victim to accept the money and remain silent about the assault.

When Amy Hugged Rosa While She Was Wet In The Toilet

In the episode “Show Me Going,” Rosa responds to an active shooter. And Amy and Gina are concerned for her safety, so they attempt to repair a broken toilet Rosa had been ranting about earlier.

When Rosa scolded Amy

Rosa’s hands are injured in “The Return of the King,” and she is forced to bandage them heavily. Making it challenging to navigate the police station. Rosa is locked in the closet for hours after refusing Amy’s help. And with her emotions running high, she tells Amy off in a rather clever quip.

When Amy Told Rosa a Lie

Amy and Rosa are chasing a serial killer who has eluded them for seven years in the episode “White Whale.”  During their investigation, Amy informs Rosa that she unintentionally allowed the killer to flee all those years ago. Which appears to irritate Rosa.

Amy was envious of Rosa at the time.

Amy can’t help but struggle with her competitive and jealous nature. When, Rosa is offered a position in one of the smaller police departments. Her petty side comes out, and she can’t help but be envious of Rosa getting the job.

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