Why Is Brooklyn 99’s Most Important Romance a Failed One?

One of the important romantic relationships in Brooklyn 99 was one that never got off the ground. Brooklyn 99 was a fan favourite for eight seasons. Beginning in 2013 and ending in September 2021, to a mixed reaction from viewers. However, while the end of the Brooklyn 99 era was heartbreaking, it also brought many heartwarming romances to the screen.

The cop show Brooklyn 99 is unique in that It’s a comedic sitcom rather than a procedural drama. It also devotes time to establishing several endearing romantic relationships among its cast of characters. Such as Captain Raymond Holt’s (Andre Braugher) and his husband Kevin Cozner’s (Marc Evan Jackson) relationship. And Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero) and Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg). It’s more of a sitcom than a drama. It also devotes time to cultivating several endearing romantic relationships among its cast of characters. Amy and Jake experience a true sitcom romance arc over the course of Brooklyn 99, rivalling the likes of Jim and Pam and Jess and Nick.

Another relationship in Brooklyn 99 that begins as a potential romance but ends in failure is that of Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) and Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). The fact that this relationship is never going to work out. However, makes it the most important relationship in the show.

Rather than portraying yet another unrealistic scenario in which a man essentially harasses a woman into falling in love with him. The relationship between Boyle and Rosa depicts a much healthier situation in which they both move on with their lives as friends.

Boyle is hopelessly in love with Rosa for a good portion of Brooklyn 99 season 1. Charles pursues her in his trademark awkward, over-the-top style. Even taking a bullet in the buttocks for her (though he later admits he didn’t realise it was Rosa he was saving). He does this despite clear signs that Rosa isn’t interested in him. And even a psychic’s prediction that she will never love him back. Boyle eventually drops it and apologises to Rosa for his creepy obsession. And she admits that when they’re just friends, she enjoys his company. This is a complete reversal of the popular sitcom trope in which men keep trying until they win a woman’s affections. Which is usually played as endearing (as with Schmidt and Cece in New Girl). But is actually quite uncomfortable and unrealistic in real life.

By the end of Brooklyn 99, the main characters have formed not only strong and touching romantic relationships. But also long-lasting friendships. The show’s early failure of a Boyle/Diaz romance is just one example of how it emphasises the importance of healthy relationships of all kinds. Not just romantic ones, while also de-normalizing a creepy sitcom trope. Finally, it allows Boyle and Rosa to have other romantic flings. Which can be amusing (as with Rosa and Pimento) or provide opportunities for them to deepen their friendship (as when Rosa comes out as bi to Boyle). In the end, it’s better for both Boyle and Rosa that their season 1 romance tease never materialises. And this failed relationship becomes one of Brooklyn 99’s most important examples of how sitcoms can better portray real life.

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