Why Did Chelsea Peretti’s Gina Leave Brooklyn 99?

Chelsea Peretti had a long run as Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine before abruptly writing off the show. Gina served as the civilian administrator for the 99th Precinct and was known for her strange antics. Sarcastic comments, and working as hard as she could possibly work. While she could be rude at times, she was also clever and efficient when she needed to be. Which earned her the affection of many members of the squad and viewers of the show. When Chelsea Peretti’s departure from the series was first announced. Fans were taken aback, and the character was given a farewell episode. Peretti’s decision to leave the show was based on the following factors.

After Brooklyn 9 9 was canceled by Fox, which would have abruptly ended the series with a cliffhanger. Fans of the show had a tumultuous 2018. NBC swooped in and picked it up for a sixth season after an outpouring of support online. With the actress announcing on Twitter that she will not finish the current season as a series regular.

Peretti was a regular on Brooklyn Nine-Nine from season 1 to season 6, episode 4, “Four Movements.”  Which served as her farewell episode. She return to the show as a guest star in the same year’s finale (“Return of the King”). Marking her final appearance. They support her decision and wish her well. But why did Peretti leave Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the first place. Especially since she’s one of the show’s most interesting characters?

According to the actress, she didn’t decide to leave the sitcom independently. She refused to go into detail about what happened behind the scenes in regards to her departure. So it’s unclear whether the show was already planning to write her out or if she was already planning to leave. She also stated that she and Dan Goor are close friends. The creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, co-star, and producer Andy Samberg. And that the breakup was mutual and amicable. They decided to go and do it because it seemed like the right time at the time.

Given the timing and Peretti’s refusal to reveal the valid reason for her departure from Brooklyn 99, it’s possible that people above her pay grade made the decision. She’s just a “lowly actor… with little clout,” she says.” she said in her lengthy interview for her farewell episode.

With the eighth and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airing, The show appeared to be wrapping up a number of major character arcs and plotlines. Chelsea Peretti returned as Gina for the two-part season 8 finale as part of the elaborate final farewell that the characters (and the show) threw for each other (and that the show threw for its audience). Even though many of the characters had left the Nine-Nine, Terry, Jake, Amy, Holt, and, of course, Gina herself were able to reunite for an annual Halloween heist, as shown in the final scene.

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