10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Detective Jacob “Jake” Peralta (Andy Samberg) is frequently depicted as the 99th precinct’s smartest cop. He’s also the most childish of the bunch. Jake hasn’t quite figured out how to grow up, according to Terry. Viewers will agree, however, that his antics are what make him entertaining.

Jake’s obsession with John McClane, the protagonist of Die Hard, is also a source of many laughs in the series. Even if his coworkers find him annoying at times, he has a good heart; for example, he sold his beloved 1967 Ford Mustang to help Terry cover some of the costs of parenting. Jake is an open book, but there are still some aspects of him that are easy to overlook.

The Mustache Inconsistency

Jake mentions his inability to grow a moustache twice in the sitcom. This appears to be a common sitcom trope, as several male characters in various sitcoms do not have moustaches.

Vision Problems

Jake complains in Season 6’s “Casecation” that he accidentally switched contact lenses with someone. The fact that he wears contact lenses is revealed for the first time to the audience.

His Birthday

During one of Jake’s birthday parties, Amy finally gets to meet his mother, Karen. She informs Amy that Jake was born in June 1981, but she does not specify the date. He is currently 39 years old.

Blood Type

Jakes has a B-positive blood type. In Season 3’s “Coral Palms Pt. 3,” most of the 99 members are left with serious injuries that require immediate treatment during a hunt for mob boss Jimmy Figgis.

Bee Allergy

Jake Peralta is allergic to bees to the point of death. In Season 2’s “The Swedes,” his estranged father Roger Peralta quickly mentions this detail. Jake is overjoyed when Roger finally contacts him and invites him out to dinner in this episode. Roger mentions his son’s bee allergy during their dinner date, which is one of the few things he remembers about him.

His Badge Number

Jake’s badge number in most episodes is 9544, according to a closer examination. He also prefers to wear the badge around his neck instead of on his waist. He picks up this trait from John McClane. It also saves him time and effort because he doesn’t have to constantly flash it in front of suspects, as some of his colleagues prefer.

Special Skill

Jake can use a BB gun to shoot backgammon and chess pieces in addition to firing bullets with pinpoint accuracy. When he was younger, his uncle Bob taught him this skill. Bob reasoned that playing chess was boring and that using the pieces as fake bullets would be more exciting.

He Is Afraid Of Heights

Jake is afraid of heights, despite the fact that he is a cop who has to deal with a variety of dangerous situations. When staring down a skyscraper, he was once heard shouting the words “Super Scary.”

His Favorite Musician

Jake is a huge Taylor Swift fan. In Season 1’s “Unsolvable,” he is caught lying about his favourite musician, Jay-Z, during a lie detector test. He quickly admits that it is, in fact, Taylor Swift. He also tells Terry that haters will always hate, and he needs to get over it. This is a quote from Taylor Swift’s song.

He Can Name All The Transformers

Jake claims that even though he doesn’t know the answers to Kylie and Rosa’s Physics questions, he can name every single transformer during a trivia night at a bar. The Dinobots are included in this.

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