The Cast of HIMYF has Already Resolved This Major HIMYM Problem

How I Met Your Father, the HIMYM spin-off starring Hilary Duff. Proved it’s already learning from its predecessor’s mistakes by including a more diverse central cast. The show’s first season, which aired in 2005. It featured an entirely white cast. With no LGBTQ+ characters among the regular cast. The new spin-off, on the other hand, tries to address these concerns by focusing on a more diverse group of friends in its plot.

The Hulu comedy, set in the near future, stars Hilary Duff as Sophie. Who is telling her son the storey of how she met his father in the year 2021, with narration by Kim Cattrall. Sophie and her close circle of friends will star in the show. Who are all trying to figure out of life and how to navigate the modern dating scene. The subject of online dating apps, which is said to be a major focus of the new series. Reflects the seemingly endless pool of options in today’s dating scene. It is one that the original series never went into much detail about.

It’s no surprise that the show has updated its cast of characters to include more diversity. Including POC and LGBTQ+ characters, as it updates its dating sensibility. Characters from various socioeconomic backgrounds are also represented in the cast.

The main characters in How I Met Your Mother all came from similar middle-class or even upper-class backgrounds. So How I Met Your Father’s casting was a refreshing change in the franchise.

Many late-90s and early-2000s sitcoms, including Seinfeld, Friends, and, of course, How I Met Your Mother, have been chastised for having only white actors as series regulars. How I Met Your Father, on the other hand, stars Francia Raisa as Valentina, Tien Tran as Ellen, and Suraj Sharma as Sid, all of whom are billed as series regulars in the new spin-off. Tran’s Ellen is also said to have recently moved to New York after divorcing her husband. With Tran identifying as LGBTQ+, the addition of Ellen as an LGBTQ+ character, in addition to Raisa and Sharma, is a welcome change from HIMYM.

Ellen’s character adds a new dimension to the show’s already diverse cast. While Raisa’s Valentina is fresh off the plane from London Fashion Week. Implying that the series may feature characters from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

How I Met Your Father has clearly considered the mistakes made by How I Met Your Mother by combining a modern sensibility with the inclusion of a more diverse cast. The inclusion of POC and LGBTQ+ characters and actors directly responds to previous criticisms of the original series. As well as sitcom criticisms in general. Overall, How I Met Your Father appears to be a refreshing change from the original series.

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