TBBT: 10 Pranks The Gang Pulled On Each Other

Despite the idea that The Big Bang Theory focuses on the seriousness of science and friendship, this group of friends still had time for some lighthearted pranks. While Sheldon Cooper is known for saying he’s “never silly,” he’s also one of the first to see a prank as a form of retaliation.

1. Halloween greetings!

With Halloween approaching, the gang attempted to scare Sheldon in the dimly lit corridors of Caltech. Sheldon pretended not to be alarmed when a mysterious voice called his name over the intercom (even though he was). A neon green skeleton even approached him, and he thought that was the worst of it.

2. In the Drawer, There’s a Snake

Raj had to share Sheldon’s office when he started working with him at TBBT for a different job. Raj found Sheldon’s rules intolerable, resulting in a tit-for-tat battle of wits.

3. Penny is urging Leonard to continue.

Penny was assigned to read the book written by Leonard’s mother in a psychology class at her community college. Leonard was mortified because the book detailed his childhood and his mother’s experiments with him.

4. Sheldon Sequestered In The Couch

Leonard was torn between Priya, his long-distance girlfriend, and Alice, a new woman he met at a comic book store, in “The Good Guy Fluctuation.” Leonard was attracted to Alice and wanted to see where it went as much as he loved Priya. After kissing Alice, Leonard confessed to having a girlfriend, which led to her kicking him out and Leonard returning home to sulk.

5. Leonard, Sheldon, and a Mailbox

As bright as he is, Sheldon is an easy target for pranks. Sheldon located a joke in the mailbox and waited for Leonard to be stunned in a great TBBT episode set in their apartment.

6. Howard and His Heart Problems

Howard and Sheldon found some common ground on a few issues, but it’s difficult to say if they’d be friends if Leonard and Raj weren’t there.

7. The Foam Lab and Kripke

Barry Kripke, Sheldon’s colleague, was always a rival. Barry never took Sheldon’s one-liners personally and instead proved that he was just as intelligent. On the other hand, Sheldon went too far with their long list of pranks in one scene.

8. Sheldon & A Glass Of Water

Sheldon is a germaphobe with rigid boundaries that those close to him are familiar with. This is why Leonard knew how Sheldon would react when Sheldon accidentally drank his water.

9. Leonard & His Itchy Red Sweater

In “The Itchy Brain Simulation,” Leonard told Sheldon a secret he had kept from him for years — he never returned a rented DVD that was under Sheldon’s name. In retaliation, Leonard had to wear an old, hand-knitted sweater until he found a place to replace the dated DVD.

10. Sheldon And The Number 43

Sheldon is a man who makes his intentions clear. He even has his schedule downloaded to a calendar that’s accessible to his friends. In one episode, Howard and Raj found it odd that Sheldon left lunch early every day at the same time, but no one knew where he was going. Howard and Raj followed him and found out he spent time in a nondisclosed spare room.

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