This ‘Big Bang Theory’ star was unimpressed with his ‘Ellen Show’ interview.

Jim Parsons wasn’t feeling the love onstage on the Ellen Show.’ Let’s face it: Ellen DeGeneres has endured her fair share of awkward interviews over the years. In reality, we’re sure at least a few celebrities regret their appearances, especially given the subsequent backlash, which ripped Ellen apart for her treatment of behind-the-scenes employees.

Jim Parsons isn’t the first celebrity to have a cringe-worthy meeting on the ‘Ellen Show.’

It’s no longer a secret; Ellen had a few awkward encounters with many celebrities, and Jim Parsons is far from the only one.

When Dakota Johnson appeared on the show, things became even stranger. Things became even more difficult to watch when Johnson stated that she believed Ellen disliked her, a sentiment shared by many others.

Jim Parsons stated that his experience on the “Ellen Show” was not what he had anticipated.

Jim Parsons was requested about his most awkward interview on ‘The Dan Patrick Show.’ That’s when Parsons shared his ‘Ellen Show experience,’ and that’s when the moment would happen. The actor paused for an event before saying how much he enjoyed his previous interviews.

Parsons would also say that he was a massive fan of the show and that many of his peers encouraged him to do it because they all thought he and Ellen would get along, which was not the case. Dan Patrick has an opinion on the subject, claiming that the host makes it a point to be funnier than the guest, particularly when impressing the audience.

Despite the experience, Jim would return to the show several times in the future, and according to his words, everything was fine when he returned, though the atmosphere wasn’t what he had expected. A few years later, Ellen would come under fire, following the statement, for her treatment of behind-the-scenes employees.

Ellen was almost canceled for good a few years later due to the toxic backstage atmosphere.

Things were very different behind the scenes during her first meeting with the ‘Ellen Show.’ She admitted to the difficulties, at least to some extent.

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