10 Strange Things About How I Met Your Mother That You Shouldn’t Ignore

HIMYM used to be one of the most popular and well-known sitcoms of all time. With a hook that was completely engaging in every sense of the word. When they were introduced to Tracy McConnell. The identity of Ted’s children’s mother became such a massive piece of pop culture. The entire internet exploded…only for that infamous ending to ruin everything.

HIMYM used to be one of the most popular and well-known sitcoms of all time. With a hook that was completely engaging in every sense of the word. However, the finale of How I Met Your Mother is just one of the many complaints that fans have about the show. The truth is that this show has several flaws that viewers will find difficult to overlook without disrupting their immersion.

Ted Could Have Sued Tony For Making The Wedding Bride

Given that The Wedding, Bride essentially takes Ted’s real-life character and portrays it negatively. One has to wonder why Ted didn’t file a defamation suit against Tony. Because he already had a lawyer in the form of Marshall as a friend. Things would have been a lot easier for him.

Ted’s Reactions To Barney’s Sex Life Is Quite Inconsistent

Nds up disagree In the series, there’s a memorable scene where Barney reveals that he’s about to sleep with his 200th woman, which shocks everyone in the group, including Ted.

However, when Barney informs Ted that his count has increased to 236 in a later episode. Ted reacts positively and applauds Barney’s “achievement,” which is the polar opposite of how he reacted previously.

The Girls That Robin Hangs Out With Near The Start Of The Series Have Disappeared

Robin is seen interacting with a group of girlfriends near the beginning of the series before meeting Ted and setting the chain of events that would lead to her joining the group.

The previous group Robin used to hang out with appears to have vanished for good during this transition. Which begs the question of when and how these girls vanished from Robin’s life.

It Seems The Writers Don’t Know How Celsius And Fahrenheit Work.

In the episode “Honey”  Robin accidentally burns the dinner she was preparing because she mistook the Fahrenheit counter on her oven for a Celsius counter. If that were the case, Robin’s meal would have been severely undercooked instead — after all, and Celsius is always measured in lower numbers than its counterpart.

Throughout the series, Gary Blauman is very much alive.

Earlier in the series, Barney mentioned how one of his coworkers, Gary Blauman, committed suicide after leaving GNB. On the other hand, Gary Blauman appears several times throughout the series. His most notable appearance is at Barney and Robin’s wedding, where he is revealed to be the man with whom James Stinson had an affair.

Marshall’s No Food/No Drink Policy Isn’t Always Followed

This rule, however, appears to be broken during Ted and Marshall’s road trips to Chicago. As viewers can see them chugging Tantrum and bingeing on beef jerky while in the car.

Marshall’s fighting prowess is on display everywhere.

Season 4 goes back on this by showing Marshall punching a guy. With Ted supporting him by essentially stating that he was an “animal” in a fight. Given the facts stated in the first season, this was something he would never have said.

After being highlighted in one episode, Lily and Marshall’s bad habits never return.

With the exception of Marshall and Lily, the episode “Spoiler Alert” proves to be an eye-opening look at the group’s various bad habits.

Marshall’s habit of singing about whatever he’s doing goes out the window after this episode, while Lily’s habit of chewing loudly goes out the window as well.

Later on, Lily’s dog allergy is completely eliminated.

The Fortress of Barnitude is first seen by the public when A raccoon invades lily’s new house. And she is unable to live with Robin because she has a bunch of dogs, which Lily is allergic to.

But what’s strange about this scene is that just three episodes ago. Lily was perfectly content staying at Robin’s and petting her dog.  “She even pets a dog without any problems in the episode “Aldrin Justice,” making this line about her allergies incredibly stupid and nothing more than a contrived way to show Barney’s house for the first time.

The Blue French Horn Can Be Found Almost Everywhere

One of the most iconic and inconsistent objects in How I Met Your Mother is the blue french horn.

It was evident by the end of season 2 that the restaurant knew Ted had the Blue French Horn and would never have let him steal anything from them again. However, he manages to steal the horn once more in Season 5. When he and Barney get drunk and try to reclaim Robin.

Fans don’t understand why the restaurant owners didn’t press charges or even visit his apartment after they took down his address after he stole it multiple times.

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