How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s 5 Best Nicknames

Every member of the How I Met Your Mother gang has their fair share of nicknames, including Barney Stinson. Some are great, others, not so much.

Best: Diaper Man

When Barney boasts that he can get Robin back in 20 minutes, The Mother gives him a dressing down. She tells him to stop being a baby, mature up and do the right thing to get back the love of his life. She also gives him the new nickname above. With this name, The Mother refers to Barney’s immaturity. Barney’s immaturity has been constant and the name Diaper Man suits him perfectly.

Best: The Commodore

When Barney tells Ted he looks like Ellen Degeneres for wearing a suit with sneakers, Ted complains that his other shoes are in the truck. He refers to Barney using his real name but Barney insists to be called The Commodore because he now has power over him. A senior naval rank? It’s definitely a creative name choice.

Best: Swarhili

In Season 2’s , SWARLEY, the gang pass by a coffee shop. There, the waitress Chloe draws a heart on Marshall’s cup. The gang concludes that she has a crush on him. They then realize that she has written something on everyone’s cup. On Barney’s cup, she writes “Swarley.” He can’t help but wonder how she came up with that name.

Barney asks the gang to never call him that name but they go ahead and do that for the rest of the episode. They even come up with variations of it, the best one being “Swarhili.” It sounds good to everyone else but not to Barney.

Best: Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Once again, it’s very creative of Barney to come with such a name as it’s one that isn’t heard of every day. The fact that he has gone as far as to create a website is shocking but commendable nevertheless.

Best: Mrs. Stinsfire

Whenever he uses the name, he pretends to be a house mother and seeks a job at a sorority. He then endears himself to the girls and recommends Barney Stinson as a perfect partner. Since the girls tend to listen to the house mother’s advice, the scheme always works. There is no trick Barney wouldn’t pull in his womanizing ways.

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