The One In Which The Cast Of The Friends Reveals Their Favorite Episode

On several occasions, the cast of Friends has discussed the show and its many memorable moments, always with a smile on their faces. Throughout ten seasons, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perr, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc starred in 236 episodes. Aside from the show, there were a lot of favorite moments that didn’t make it onscreen. The cast, for example, takes a break between scenes. Bloopers are now the term for those scenes.

She talked about an incident she had with Courteney Cox in a Variety interview in June 2020. And they were trying to remember something from the show FRIENDS. They came across bloopers online when they began their search. They then sat like nerds in front of their computers, laughing at themselves. She recalls how the cast made each other laugh in between cuts while watching the episodes. She also admitted to being a regular viewer of the show.

Each cast member has favorite episodes in their unique way. Because Kudrow hasn’t seen much of the show before, she and Aniston both hoped that the entire cast could watch it together at times. Kudrow reveals that the episode in which the group discovers Monica and Chandler’s secret relationship is one of her favorites. She claimed that she stole Matthew Perry’s line “My eyes! My eyes!” because he is the only one who would say something like that.

After watching the show for the umpteenth time, FRIENDS fans have ranked the best and worst episodes. We had no idea that the main cast of FRIENDS has their favorites. Not only that, but they also have some intriguing reasons for liking those episodes. So, scroll through the gallery below to determine which episode each actor prefers.

The One With The Blackout is Courteney Cox.

Season 1 of FRIENDS featured “The One With The Blackout.” In this episode, Paolo (Cosimo Fusco) was added to Ross and Rachel’s potential relationship. In this episode, there was a blackout in New York City. And everyone was telling stories at Monica’s apartment. On the other hand, Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule with Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre. Joey, on the other hand, encourages Ross to tell Rachel his true feelings.. However, when Ross tries to do so on the balcony, a cat jumps on his shoulder. Rachel and Phoebe knock on every neighbor’s door, searching for the cat’s owner, and they eventually find Paolo.

At the 2016 FRIENDS reunion, Courteney Cox stated that “The One With The Blackout” is one of her favorite episodes. She particularly enjoyed the scene where “the cat was on Ross’ back.” Ross attempting to shake off the cat while Monica, Phoebe, and Joey sing inside, entirely oblivious to Ross’ struggles, was undoubtedly hilarious. Even though it wasn’t his favorite episode, Schwimmer told Glamour in 2016 that he enjoyed working on it.

Matt LeBlanc: The George Stephanopoulos Show

Season 1’s “The One With George Stephanopoulos” is another favorite of the main cast. Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica had a slumber party in which they drank all of the “Tiki Death Punch,” ate cookie dough, and ordered pizza. On the other hand, the delivery boy brings them the wrong order. George Stephanopoulos, President Clinton’s press secretary, was supposed to receive the order. On the balcony, the girls observe George and his date. Apart from that, they have a minor fight before reconciling as George drops his towel.

Meanwhile, Chandler, Joey, and Ross head to a New York Rangers game. They were trying to cheer Ross up because it was the first time he and Carol had slept together.The puck struck Ross in the face. So they have to rush to the hospital. One of Matt LeBlanc’s favorite episodes is “The One With George Stephanopoulos.” During the 2016 reunion, he revealed that Joey was playing with the puck in ER and was attempting to hit himself the same way Ross was hit. Director James Burrows suggested that Joey moment and Matt adores it.

Jennifer Aniston – The Prom Video

In season 2, FRIENDS aired “The One With The Prom Video.” It was a significant turning point in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. As a thank you for everything Chandler has done for him, Joey gives Chandler a gold bracelet called ‘Best Buds’ in this episode. On the other hand, Monica is thinking about borrowing money from her parents after a disastrous job interview at a restaurant. Rachel also refuses to forgive Ross for making her a “pros and cons” list. Meanwhile, Monica’s parents bring her boxes containing all her belongings because they convert Monica’s old room into a gym. Among the items in those boxes was a videotape of her and Rachel preparing for their senior prom.

Rachel’s date appears to have cheated on her in that recording. At that point, Jack tells Ross to take her to prom. Rachel’s date arrived, and she and Monica were about to descend the stairs in their tuxedos when Rachel’s date arrived. Ross is heartbroken by the end of the video. Following the viewing of the video, Rachel rises and kisses him. Their relationship was formally established after that. The flashback episode holds a special place in Jennifer Aniston’s heart, revealed at the 2016 reunion. Rachel’s pre-nose job, Ross’ afro and fat Monica were her favorite flashbacks.

Joey’s New Brain – Lisa Kudrow

Season 7 of FRIENDS featured the episode “Joey’s New Brain.” In this episode, Joey’s character on “Days of our Lives,” Dr. Drake Ramoray, emerges from a coma after receiving a brain transplant from a woman. On the other hand, Ross tells Monica and Chandler that he’s planning a wedding surprise for them. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe notice that an acute man has left his phone at Central Perk, the coffee shop. They attempted to go on a date with him, but it turned out he was just the actual owner’s assistant. The valid owner was a man in his 60s.

Ross displays his “talents” and invites his friends to sing along at the end of the episode. Ross’ music is only “sung” by Phoebe. In a 2017 interview with E!, Lisa Kudrow stated that her favorite part of the episode was when Ross played bagpipes. Because Kudrow couldn’t maintain a serious expression while filming the episode, it is her favorite.

The Holiday Armadillo – David Schwimmer

In season 7, episode “The One With The Holiday Armadillo,” FRIENDS witness the arrival of the Holiday Armadillo. Because he would have Ben on this holiday, Ross sees it as the perfect opportunity to teach his son about their Jewish heritage in this episode. Ross’ plans, however, do not go as planned because Ben requested Santa for Christmas. Ross couldn’t find a Santa suit, but he did find an Armadillo suit. Later, Ross tries to teach Ben everything he knows about Hanukkah. However, it was about to blow up again when Chandler dressed as Santa Claus.

Chandler, therefore, stays with Ben while the Holiday Armadillo tells them the Hanukkah story. Despite being interrupted by Joey, Ross finishes his story, and they light the Hanukkah candles. David Schwimmer stated that he enjoyed filming that particular episode. He hopes to show his daughter that episode someday. The fact that the costumes in this episode were so random added to the fun.

Matthew Perry- Ross’s New Girlfriend

Julie, Ross Geller’s new girlfriend Season 2 of FRIENDS, featured the episode “The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend.” In this episode, Chandler has a traumatic experience at Joey’s tailor; Monica persuades Phoebe to cut her hair, but the results are disastrous. Rachel decides to tell Ross how she feels about him. As a result, she traveled to the airport to meet Ross. On the other hand, Ross returns from China with Julie, his new girlfriend. Rachel returns to Paolo for one night because she has trouble accepting Ross’ new relationship. She eventually realizes, however, that Ross is content with Julie.

“The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend” is Matthew Perry’s favorite episode, according to an appearance on Good Morning America in 2017. This episode inspired Perry’s famous one-liner, which he revealed. “I was 15,” Joey said when he couldn’t recall his age when he received his first suit. 16. “I’m sorry, 15,” she says. “Alright, when was 1990?” Chandler replied. As a result, Matthew Perry prefers this episode.

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