10 Facts About Chandler Bing Fan Don’t Agree With

From 1994 to 2004, FRIENDS had ten successful seasons. Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer starred in this classic show (Ross Geller). The show gained a large fan base during its run and ended because of its relatable storylines, romantic arcs, and hilarious dialogues. It’s jam-packed with memorable moments from start to finish.

However, not everyone is as complex as Chandler Bing, and a few characters did not handle certain situations well. Although many of us consider Chandler the funniest and most entertaining character in the FRIENDS universe. We thought now would be a best time to address some of Chandler Bing’s less popular viewpoints. Some people believe he isn’t particularly entertaining, while others believe he is excessive. Mr. Bing, on the other hand, will always have a special place in our hearts.

Chandler Might Be Funny But Not Trustworthy

Chandler was wrong to leave Monica before the wedding, even panicked. No bride-to-be can bear to be alone at her wedding altar. What would have happened if Ross and Phoebe hadn’t discovered him in his office? Chandler, according to a Reddit user, was never a trustworthy individual. He couldn’t think beyond his fears and doubts. He would not have returned on his own that day if Phoebe and Ross hadn’t found him.

He Was The Most Annoying Character

Chandler is known as the “Sarcasm King.” His comedic timing and jokes are hilarious and will make you laugh regardless of your mood. However, it appears that not everyone shares this viewpoint. “Sorry to those who love him,” says VoidSteter, a FRIENDS fan, “but Chandler is one of the most annoying characters ever.” As if his jokes aren’t funny at all.” While some fans agree with this statement, others strongly disagree.

Chandler shouldn’t have left the apartment with Monica.

It’s a fact of life, after all. New York City attracts young hotshots looking to “make it.” Then fall in love, marry, start a family, and relocate to the more affordable and expansive suburbs. Monica and Chandler did precisely that as a married couple with children. Serenitybyjan88, on the other hand, disagreed. They called it a “stupid decision” because they could afford a home? Also, maintaining friendships with everyone after moving to the suburbs seems implausible.

After he started dating, Chandler’s wit waned Monica.

According to fans, Chandler’s mojo disappeared after he married Monica. His sarcastic side faded away, replaced by someone responsible who wouldn’t make inappropriate jokes. Her presence began to center his life. “I agree that Chandler gets duller after seasons 5-6,” a Reddit user writes. “However, I believe that is something that should happen to him.” “Most of his early humour is used as emotional protection,” he continued, “and this stems from his commitment issues and his parents’ issues.” However, once he begins dating Monica, all of this fades away.”

His Dislike For Dogs Is In Dilemma

When Phoebe brings a dog home to live with her, Chandler, and Monica, do you recall? Chandler wasn’t a fan of dogs even before declaring his hatred for them. However, a Twitter user pointed out that Chandler didn’t seem to mind on a few occasions during the show’s run when this occurred, such as when Phoebe showed off the pug she received from her birth mother. To their eyes, it turned out to be a minor inconsistency.

His Attraction Towards Janice

There are many things about Chandler Bing that none of us understand. However, there is one aspect of his relationship with Janice that we cannot comprehend. Throughout the run of the show, the two have a back-and-forth relationship, with Janice occasionally reappearing to remind Chandler of their previous relationships. It wasn’t difficult to notice that they weren’t giving off the right vibe. In terms of chemistry, they seemed uninteresting. Her amusing tone irritated him. On the other hand, fans never quite understood what drew him to her.

Chandler Was A Materialistic Person

Joey decided to buy Chandler a lovely bracelet when he finally started earning a little bit of money. You’d think Chandler would appreciate the gesture, but he despises it and doesn’t seem to understand why everyone thinks he’s a jerk. One fan believes that the entire episode demonstrates that Chandler was a materialistic person who never appreciated the thought behind the act, especially given their close relationship.

His inability to smile for photos was a complete disaster.

Chandler had a wonderful smile when he was introduced to the FRIENDS audience. Even so, things fall apart when Chandler is unable to pose for a standard photograph while preparing for his wedding with Monica. As a fan, it isn’t easy to believe he wouldn’t be able to smile for a photo. Furthermore, bringing Joey in to save the day was a bit of a blunder.

Him Being Not Emotional Was Total Fake

There was a scene in which Monica and Chandler were together, implying that he didn’t cry all that much. That was just a ruse to impress Monica, according to a Reddit user. Chandler, on the other hand, had called numerous times before. He frequently wears his cute heart on his sleeve, and it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that he does so. This is the best we can come up with.

Chandler was never given the respect he deserved.

Chandler Bing is one of the FRIENDS group’s smartest characters. He also has one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry. Even when he decides to change careers, he builds himself up before landing a good job. Despite this, one Twitter user pointed out that none of the other gang’s core members respected his opinion. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t always give good advice. He should, however, be seen as more than the class clown.

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