10 The Most Genius Characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has provided hours of entertainment and hilarity with a lovable group of misfit detectives from the 99th Precinct throughout its eight-season run. Most episodes pair or group characters in two or three branching storylines that span an attack.

Rosa Was Quietly Smart & Self-Aware

Rosa Diaz isn’t the most conventionally intelligent character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but she does not attempt to be. She has matured significantly since the pilot, learning to emote and connect with others while maintaining her fiery intensity.

Gina often surprised everyone with her unconventional wisdom, despite her general demeanor.

“Gina knows best,” Gina stated emphatically. While this is primarily an example of Gina’s erratic ego, she still has her moments of surprising the detectives and demonstrating that she can be clever when she wants to be. She doesn’t show it very often.

Terry’s Transformation With Many Talents, a Reliable Father, Husband, Colleague, and Leader

Terry Jeffords, played by Terry Crews, demonstrates far more than a gym-goer. Throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he exhibits a variety of personalities.

Terry has demonstrated his dedication to both his family and his career throughout eight seasons, as well as displaying a variety of other talents and oddities. He has a history of learning Japanese and writes and illustrates his own children’s books. Because of his more leadership-based positions, Terry doesn’t get to flex his detective muscles as much as the rest of the squad, but he still gets his impressive victories in some cases.

Holt was always one step ahead of Madeline Wuntch.

The first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine did an excellent job introducing characters that fans would love to despise while still keeping their interactions with everyone entertaining. Raymond Holt and Madeline Wuntch’s relationship is a prime example of this, with the two frequently sparring verbally with countless zingers and burns.

Jake Peralta was a great detective who lacked traditional intelligence.

Jake Peralta is a problematic person to assess or quantify. He is unquestionably one of the best detectives in the 99th Precinct, solving cases with impressive intellect and application of facts regularly. Still, his intelligence outside of his detective work is lacking.

Doug Judy had a knack for knowing when and how to flee.

Doug Judy is Jake Peralta’s criminal foil-turned-close friend throughout the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series. Judy only appears once a season, so his episodes are just as popular as the “Halloween Heists.”

Philip Davidson Committed The “Perfect” Crime, But His Ego Got In The Way.

The Box is one of Brooklyn Nine-best Nine’s episodes, and it didn’t need to be moved. Jake, Captain Holt, and the murder suspect, Philip Davidson, were nearly perfect in this episode.

Philip Davidson, played by Sterling K. Brown, from his alibi to every detail. Jake only gets the confession from the cunning dentist by denting his ego by convincing him that the “perfect crime” was sloppy and full of inaccuracies, prompting an enraged Davidson to confess without realizing it.

Amy Santiago was never shy about displaying her intelligence and nerdiness.

She and Holt are two of the Nine-smartest Nine’s members. And experienced with their combined high level of intelligence. However, she still loves him for who he is, with his detective smarts undoubtedly playing a role.

Captain Holt was a hero who only needed to learn how to interact with others.

Captain Raymond Holt is adored and respected by his squad. But his coworkers didn’t always love him due to the severe discrimination as an openly gay black officer trying to make his way up the ranks. Holt is knowledgeable, but he also has exceptional drive and determination.

With his hilarious portrayal of emotions and unique trivia knowledge. Holt’s intelligence is one of many factors that makes him such an important role model for Amy Santiago. The two are arguably the smartest people in the neighborhood.

Kevin Costner was regarded as the relationship’s “brains,” while Holt was regarded as the “bimbo.”

Kevin Holt, Captain Holt’s husband, is a professor at Colombia University and the head of the Classics Department. While he and his husband Raymond seem to have a lot in common and are perfect for each other. Holt has made intellectual errors when conversing with Kevin’s peers, leading to them labeling him the “bimbo.”

Kevin’s sophistication and intelligence initially cause him to look down on Jake Peralta. But his silliness and hilarity eventually rub off on him, resulting in hilarious results.

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