How I Met Your Mother: 5 Ways Lily And Marshall Are The Dream Couple

Countless sitcoms feature couples that fans love, and it’s not always easy to compare. But when it comes down to it, How I Met Your Mother’s Lily and Marshall often take the cake in the ideal couple category. For a show that came out in 2005, it has aged considerably well since and still succeeds in offering relevant and entertaining examples of relationships that fans can adore and learn from.

5.They Get Each Other

Lily and Marshall have been together for so long that they hardly have to think about what the other’s preferences are. Sometimes Lily will know what Marshall needs before he does, and vice versa. This is a sign of them truly getting each other, something that two people have almost instantly, and something that another couple might never find no matter how long they spend together.

4.They Make Each Other Laugh

One of the most important parts of a relationship is being able to share a sense of humor, and Lily and Marshall surely do. It’s always surprising to see long-term couples that are still able to crack one another up, and yet, it happens all the time. Lily and Marshall are a perfect example of this kind of dynamic, lightening each other’s mood and sharing in something that possibly only they find amusing.

3.They Try Not To Be Jealous

Jealousy is often a problem with couples, and with Lily and Marshall having spent most of their adult lives together it wouldn’t be surprising if they were overly vigilant about losing their partner to another person–neither has a lot of experience in the dating world, after all. However, each tries to be encouraging of the other’s social life and to resist controlling feelings.

2.They Have The Same Friends

Ted, Robin, and Barney are the couple’s main friend group. They spend most of their time with these friends, and it’s interesting to consider that if their relationship were different, the show would be entirely different – seeing as it all centers, primarily, around the friends chatting in the same booth in the pub. It’s an ideal scenario in many ways for a couple to have the same friend group, because it’s not only a sign of having similar values but it’s also convenient.

1.They Can Be Weird Together

Everyone is weird in their own way, even if they don’t realize it. The difficult, and sometimes most important, challenge of partnership is finding someone who is the same kind of weird as you – or who can appreciate your weirdness. Lily and Marshall adore and expand on each other’s quirks and flaws, and the sweetness of it often overrides the clinginess.

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