No One Believed In These 11 Sitcom Characters

Often, sitcom characters are relatable and funny – but there’s always a character who’s less believed in that can prove fans wrong.

Barney Stinson Demonstrates That He Will Make A Fantastic Father

Barney creates a new persona after being dumped by a girlfriend. He acts like an immature and uncaring serial womanizer in the first seasons of How I Met Your Mother. To maintain a short-term romantic relationship, he frequently lies to women.

Jackie Burkhart Establishes Herself As An Important Group Member

At the beginning of That ’70s Show, Jackie Burkhart is a stereotypical mean girl. She’s not only arrogant, wealthy, and self-centered, but she’s also younger and more irritating than the rest of the gang. The others usually tolerate her only because she is dating Kelso.

Dwight Schrute Is Weird, But He’s A Nice Guy

Workaholic, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, and insatiable. Dwight Schrute is one of The Office’s most oddball characters. He is very proud of his survival skills in both nature and society. This makes him fiercely competitive, but also naive, as he appears to have a different understanding of life than others, and he is constantly fooled by Jim’s pranks.

Dwight can come across as cold and callous because he believes in the survival of the fittest. He, on the other hand, warms up to others and they to him. When Jim and Pam decide to leave Dunder Mifflin, Dwight assists them by firing them so that they receive severance packages.

Alexis Rose Isn’t The Stereotype She Seems To Be

Alexis, from Schitt’s Creek, is conceited as a former it-girl and the younger child of an extremely wealthy family. She is privileged, self-centered, and even oblivious to the realities of others. Her character begins to act like the other Rose family members, with a limited understanding of reality.

Alexis is revealed to be a compassionate woman as Schitt’s Creek progresses. She quickly disproves her arrogance. She improves as a result of her education. This is a reality for all of the Roses, but especially for Alexis, who defies the stereotype of the rich, dumb blond by embracing her marketing skills and real potential.

Norm Scully and Michael Hitchcock are more than their flaws.

In the 99th Precinct of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully are the two oldest detectives. They are incompetent government employees as well as lazy and gluttonous men. Scully is sick, and Hitchcock lacks a moral compass, so they’re both suspect.

They are far more intelligent than they let on. Fans can see in flashbacks that they were once great detectives before becoming addicted to chicken wings. Besides, their ineptness can conceal good intentions. Admiral Peralta observes them “fail” to obtain the name of a key witness after discovering they are undocumented.

As the show progresses, Penny Hofstadter matures.

In the first seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Penny works as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. She is an unsuccessful actress. She’s a slob who eats Leonard’s food and uses Sheldon’s WiFi. Penny matures and leaves her sorority member act behind as The Big Bang Theory progresses. She never stops being the team’s pragmatic member, but she does find a stable job and forms long-lasting friendships with the other gang members.

Eleanor Shellstrop strives to improve herself.

Eleanor Shellstrop is a selfish and cynical woman who dies and ends up in The Good Place as a result of her difficult life. She recognises her own cunning and realises she doesn’t belong in The Good Place.

Colt Bennet Develops Into The Man His Father Desires

Colt Bennett of The Ranch is a former NFL player whose womanising and drinking habits cost him his job. He is forced to return to Iron River Ranch, where he grew up. Colt is a narcissist who believes he is too beautiful to work as a farmer. Beau Bennett, his father, believes he is ineffective.

By the end of the show, Andy Dwyer has his act together.

Andy is a slacker, spoiled brat who lives with his girlfriend Ann Perkins at the start of Parks And Recreation. Andy acts like a man-child while residing with Ann. He is unemployed and expects Ann to handle all of the household chores. He tries to change after she dumps him, but to no avail.

Despite the fact that Andy never stops being immature, he emerges from Parks And Recreation as a very different person. He has a steady job as a TV host, a happy marriage with April Ludgate, and they even have their own home. Burt Snakehole, their child, is born in the series finale. Ludgate Dracula’s Karate Demon Macklin Macklin Macklin Macklin Macklin Dwyer, the Jack-o-Lantern.

Jeff Winger Fixes His Broken Moral Compass

In the first season of Community, Jeffrey Winger is such a terrible person. The storey begins with him being disbarred for falsifying academic credentials. He’s an egotistical, arrogant lawyer who despises hard work and has a skewed moral compass.

Francis Wilkerson

Francis Wilkerson is the family’s biggest troublemaker when Malcolm In The Middle starts. He’s a young man whose life’s ambition is to make his mother miserable. He is sentenced to two years in the Marlin Academy military school as a result of his actions.


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