The 10 Worst Episodes Of HIMYM Ever, According To IMDb

It’s pretty telling when many of the worst episodes of a series come from the final season. This is the case with How I Met Your Mother, according to IMDb ratings for each episode of the series’ nine-season run.

Indeed, many fans of the long-running sitcom were not happy with how the series ended, but also really the entire final season. The show about a man named Ted Mosby telling his teenage kids in the year 2030 how he met their mother, used every episode to show “flashbacks” of a young Ted with his group of friends as they navigated life and, for Ted, dating, in New York City.

10.”The Stamp Tramp” (2012)

Marshall is called a “stamp tramp” when he gives a law school classmate a good recommendation for his law firm and the guy bombs the interview leading Marshall’s boss to question his judgement. An entire argument ensues about who gives the most worthwhile “stamps of approval” that just makes for a snore of an episode. Most episodes, in fact, that focus on any of the gang at their place of work never seemed to pan out well.

9.”Nannies” (2012)

Lily and Marshall look for a nanny and find out, of course, that Barney has been interfering with their search so he can lie to and meet hot girls. Robin and Ted continue to dance around their feelings as they argue over who has the better relationship with their significant other.

8.”No Questions Asked” (2013)

Marshall attempts to invoke the “No Questions Asked” rule from the gang by asking for their help to have a text message removed from Lily’s phone before she’s able to see it. The text references Marshall’s decision to accept his dream job to be a judge in New York. But Marshall hasn’t told Lily yet.

7.”The Lighthouse” (2013)

Another episode from the series’ final season, it’s all about Robin feuding with Barney’s mother Loretta, and Barney confessing to his mother that Robin can’t have children. It was too heavy for a sitcom that’s supposed to be ending its final season with a joyous occasion.

6.”The Broken Code” (2013)

Episodes centred on Barney are usually really funny, since they often focus on his scheming and womanizing. But this particular one fell flat because it was more about his anger towards Ted when he realized Ted still had feelings for Robin.

5.”The Burning Beekeeper” (2012)

One of the few episodes on the worst 10 list that isn’t from the final season, this one dates back to Marshall and Lily’s housewarming party. Lily’s father is apparently keeping bees in the basement, which viewers can quickly imagine won’t end well.

4.”The Poker Game” (2013)

Still at the Inn, the guys gather for a poker game, and Barney finds himself in the middle of a fight among Robin, his brother James, and mother Loretta, trying to navigate where his loyalties should lie now that he’s about to be a husband.

3.”Mom And Dad” (2013)

Reinforcing that the last season of the sitcom was definitively its worse, this is another entry from the ninth and final one. Barney reverts to acting like a little child when he sees his parents getting along, attempting to drive his stepmother away in hopes that his mom and dad will get back together. Even for Barney, this seems silly.

2.”Slapsgiving 3: Slappapointment In Slapmarra” (2014)

The Slapsgiving prank was really funny when it started, and it was a great recurring gag on the series. Every so often, Marshall would, out of nowhere, deliver a slap to Barney’s face as he continued to slowly cash in a win from long-ago bet. But in this episode, another from the final season, it’s a weak attempt at explaining something that didn’t really need explaining.

1.”Bedtime Stories” (2013)

Marshall is still stuck trying to get to Farhampton for the wedding and recites three bedtime tales to his son Marvin about his friends in hopes to get him to sleep. An entire episode spoken in rhyme, it was too much of a switch from the usual format, and made no sense within the context of everything else that was happening.

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