Top 5 Sitcom Characters We Were Supposed To Like, But Hated

On the ever-growing list of things people use to relax for a lazy hour or two after a long day, sitcoms are usually up there with reality television, alcohol and sports. While sports can be stressful, reality TV can be enraging, and alcohol is unhealthy when over-consumed. More often than not, whether animated or not, sitcoms have likable, relatable characters, whose presence in our daily lives is welcomed and cherished. Unfortunately, no matter how hard creative minds try, not every protagonist is liked.

Sometimes our favorite sitcoms are filled with terrible characters. They may be funny and provide plenty of laughs at times, but there might be something about them that just makes you despise them. They might have horrible personalities, and maybe that’s why you can’t stand them. They could even be grating, irritating or simply get on your nerves. Some of these characters are so hated by fans that they would love to see them taken off the show entirely. What do you think of the characters on this list? Are any of them your favorites, or do you hate them with a passion?

5.Ted From How I Met Your Mother

For eight long years, How I Met Your Mother fans had to endure the whiny antics of Ted Mosby. He was the star of the show, but as time went on many fans grew to hate him. Thankfully, the cast was filled with many likable characters that made How I Met Your Mother enjoyable and funny.
Ted did provide fans with quite a few laughs, and at first almost everyone was rooting for him. However, by the end of the show’s run the mere sight of him made many fans angry.

4.Mark Brendanawicz From Parks And Recreation

He was supposed to be Parks and Recreation’s version of Jim Halpert. Mark Brendanawicz, who was played by Paul Schneider, was the straight man to wild and zany Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. Unfortunately, unlike most of the characters on this spectacular sitcom, he just wasn’t funny.
Fans grew tired of Mark very quickly, and as Parks and Rec developed its own voice it became an instant classic rather than just a clone of The Office. Thankfully, Schneider left the show at the end of season two. Adam Scott and Rob Lowe joined the cast, and Parks and Rec went from great to excellent almost instantly.

3.Dennis From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows on TV, and that’s quite an accomplishment considering there isn’t a single likable character on the show. Dee, Mac, Frank and Charlie are some of the worst people you could possibly imagine, but it’s Dennis that is by far the most detestable.
Sure, his fits of rage and spastic freak outs are good for plenty of laughs, but if you can relate to Dennis in any way there is probably something seriously wrong with you. He is a selfish, sexist, misogynistic narcissist, and he may very well be a sexual deviant and serial killer, too. It’s easy to laugh at Dennis, but it’s also very easy to hate him.

2.Ross From Friends

If you ask any Friends fan who their favorite character is, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will choose Ross. Like Ted from How I Met Your Mother, he is simply too annoying and whiny. His obsession with dinosaurs was unfunny and the on and off dynamic between him and Rachel was tedious.
Chandler was witty and clever while Joey was charming because of his stupidity. Ross on the other hand was judgmental, snide, condescending, melodramatic and just plain depressing. For the show’s entire ten year run he was nothing but an annoying sad sack – even when he got the girl!

1.Tom Haverford From Parks And Recreation

Pawnee, Indiana was filled with plenty of douchey characters. From Councilman Jamm to Jean-Ralphio, there were so many characters you just wanted to punch right in the face – and Ron Swanson actually did that to Councilman Jamm. However, these were side characters, and they were so over the top and cartoony you actually came to like them.
Tom Haverford on the other hand was part of the main cast, and he was just a real jerk. We all wanted Leslie, Ben, Andy, April, Donna, Ron and Gerry to have great lives, but Tom was such an uncaring jerk many Parks and Rec fans didn’t really care what happened to him in the end.

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