Fans can’t believe it when this ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star refuses to leave the show.

NBC benefited from what was FOX’s loss. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ fans were furious after five seasons when the show was canceled. Thankfully, the break was brief, as NBC quickly snapped up the series for the sixth season. The show appears to be winding down after eight seasons. It will undoubtedly be a tearful send-off.

Peretti had very little say in her character’s demise.

Fans weren’t ready to say goodbye, and Chelsea Peretti, it turns out, wasn’t either. Given her departure, most people would assume she had some creative output before her departure. However, she revealed to TV Line that, despite being asked for her thoughts on the final episode in which she appeared, the show ultimately decided to go in a completely different direction.

Peretti’s ideal farewell would’ve been quite different. According to the sitcom star, she had imagined going to the spa with Captain Holt and gossiping about the other crew members.

It turns out that wasn’t the only thing she was surprised about…

Leaving Was Not Her Decision

It seemed like a strange coincidence, especially given the show’s success and Gina’s popularity. Chelsea reportedly decided to leave on her own, according to reports. That wasn’t, however, the whole story, as she revealed.

“Pretty obvious this was simple cost-cutting. She got laid off, no reason to dance on her or imply her coworkers didn’t like her.”

“In later seasons, NBC comedies always lose a cast member.”

She Still Considers The Cast Family

The star said there was “a family feels” even after leaving. The exit was challenging to accept, but it appears that she had no issues with her co-stars and instead maintained a close relationship with them.

Since then, she’s worked on a variety of projects and has found success in various genres. However, we can all agree that Gina’s return to the show was something everyone wanted to see, and everyone got their wish during the show’s final season, which is currently airing.

Given how important she was to the cast for most of the series, it was only fitting that she returned to them.

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