13 The Most Touching Episodes on TV Ever, Ranked By Fans

“The Answer” from A Good Place

Michael restores Chidi’s memories to help Team Cockroach save Earth in this episode. “The Answer” reveals that Chidi wrote a note to Janet explaining how important Eleanor is to him. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

“Halloween” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Halloween” is a classic Halloween heist episode that features Captain Holt being duped by a fake Cheddar, The Handmaid’s Tale handmaids swarming the Nine-Nine, and one of the series’ biggest surprises. Jake ends up proposing to Amy using the heist and its “noise.”

“Jake and Amy” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this episode was almost the series finale, and it has so many incredible moments. While everything appears to be going wrong on Jake and Amy’s wedding day, the Nine-Nine comes together in the end to give them a picture-perfect wedding. We also see Rosa flirt with Gina Rodriguez’s character, Alicia.

Grey’s Anatomy’s “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.”

Even if you stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy years ago, you’d enjoy the 300th episode. Everyone in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” ends up treating patients who resemble George, Cristina, Izzie, and others from their pasts are among them. Meredith finally wins a Harper Avery Award in this episode, which is a watershed moment for the show.

“Vincent and the Doctor” from Doctor Who

This touching Doctor Who episode will leave you in a puddle of happy tears, but trust me when I say it’s worth it. Vincent Van Gogh is taken to a Paris museum by the Doctor and Amy in 2010. see firsthand how his art has changed the world.

The Office’s “Niagara Part 1 and 2”

The Office episodes “Niagara Part 1 and Part 2” are classics. These episodes not only have the comedic hijinks that you’d expect from this show, such as everyone dancing down the aisle, but they also have some heartfelt Jim and Pam moments that make my heart soar.

“The Trip” from This Is Us

There are a lot of great relationships on This Is Us, but Randall and Jack’s is one of my favorites. Jack attends Randall’s karate class in this Season 1 episode and demonstrates to everyone how willing he is to “lift his son.” “The Trip” also depicts the Big Three visiting the cabin for the first time, which later becomes a crucial location.

“Open Mic” from Schitt’s Creek

Without a doubt, Schitt’s Creek is among the best. most uplifting television shows on the air right now. Patrick serenades David at an open mic night with “Simply the Best.” “Open Mic” beautifully highlights Patrick and David’s relationship. Look at Moira’s pride if David’s face doesn’t make you smile.

“Singles Week” from Schitt’s Creek

For several reasons, this is another heartwarming Schitt’s Creek episode. Patrick not only tells David for the first time that he loves him, but Ted also surprises Alexis at her event by confessing his love for her. “Singles Week” is the ideal episode to remind you of the power of love.

“Landing Gear” from New Girl

There are many great episodes of New Girl, but my favorites always revolve around Schmidt and Cece. Their adorable wedding in “Landing Gear” takes their relationship to the next level, but not without a hitch or two. A classic Schmidt moment is Schmidt being stuck on a plane on his wedding day.

“Chapter Forty-Four” from Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin can make you laugh hysterically before making you cry over the Villanueva family. “Chapter Forty-Four” is a pivotal episode in which Jane and Michael finally marry. While you’ll most likely call a few times, seeing how happy these two are is well worth it.

“Chapter One Hundred” from Jane the Virgin

It seems like a series finale rarely succeeds these days, but Jane the Virgin does. Jane’s story comes full circle in “Chapter One Hundred,” as she not only becomes a writer but also marries Rafael in a lovely ceremony.

Parks and Rec’s “Win, Lose, or Draw”

This episode of Parks and Recreation is the best example of how the show can Make something funny and heartfelt out of a bad situation. “Win, Lose, or Draw” depicts Pawnee on Election Day, with Leslie and Bobby Newport in a razor-thin race. From beginning to end, it’s a classic episode.


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