10 Facts About The Series ‘Harry Potter’

Harry Potter is one of the most successful media franchises of the last century- from books, movies, plays, endless amounts of merchandise, and even theme parks. There is no doubting that Harry Potter has been a pillar of pop culture, and with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 in 2018 and rumors of another set of movies based on the hit theater production “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” the Wizarding World is far from dead. Recently celebrating its 19th anniversary, the Harry Potter film saga changed the film industry in some interesting ways and changed the lives of the actors forever. Let’s take a look a 20+ ‘Harry Potter’ Secrets Only a TRUE Fan Would Know!

Harry’s Green Eyes

Did you know that Harry’s eyes were supposed to be green? However, Daniel Radcliffe had irritation while using contact lenses. That’s why J.K. Rowling agreed to let Harry have blue eyes in the movie after it was discovered the colored contacts irritated the actor’s eyes.

Real Food During Production

Staff used real food during Great Hall feasts in the first movie. When it came to realistically depicting the books, the development team spared no expense, and actual food was used during the Great Hall feast sequences, despite the high cost.

Food Smelled Bad

Under the hot production lights, the food quickly spoiled and emitted foul odors. Since the food was real, it easily spoiled and emitted foul odors under the bright lights. To stop the bad odor issue in the following films, they used artificially frozen food molds.

Teeth Casts

A whole cast had dental casts made in case someone lost a tooth! The children were all 10-year-olds in the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which is why they all had to have dental casts. According to Radcliffe, “Cause you’ve got a set full of twenty 10-year-olds… they would cast everyone’s mouths,” since there was always a chance the small kids would lose one tooth while shooting, so they had to be replaced by a fake one!

Dudley’s Weightloss

Between movies, the actor who played Dudley Dursley lost so much weight. Dudley’s change from overweight to healthy is recorded in the books. However, between films, actor Harry Melling lost so much weight that the makeup team had to develop a fat suit and unique facial prosthetics for him. Despite this, owing to his drastic weight reduction, the majority of his scenes had to be deleted.

Facts And Trivia

In the movie, the wand will pick its owner, and they would be partners for a lifetime. But did you know? Throughout the films, Daniel Radcliffe wore 160 different pairs of prop glasses. During the series’ output, he went through 60 to 70 wands.

She Doesn’t Hug Boys

Emma felt humiliated as she hugged Daniel and Rupert. Despite bonding during shooting, Emma was too embarrassed to embrace Daniel and Rupert, so Hermione doesn’t hug the boys in the Great Hall scene at the end of the film, and the producer of the film made it so that she just embraced Harry before being embarrassed and shaking Ron’s hand – which is a great attempt to set up the friendship she would have with Ron in the next novels.

Arthur Weasley

In ‘Order Of The Phoenix,’ Arthur Weasley was supposed to die. Instead, Sirius Black was murdered by J.K. Rowling after Bellatrix cursed him and smashed him through the veiled archway.

Susie Figgis Left Production

Because of director Chris Colombus, casting director Susie Figgis left the production of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone.” Susie Figgis worked as a casting director on the first film, but she quit after Chris Colombus was “too picky” when it came to casting the characters. Colombus is reported to have considered none of the thousands of children who auditioned to be suitable for the roles.

All Wands Were Handcrafted

The tens of thousands of wand boxes in the Ollivanders Wand Shop scenes were all hand-painted. There were 17,000 individually hand-decorated wands for the movie, each of the bookends and table scenes at Ollivanders Wand.

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