10 Friendship Goals of Jake and Charles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Friendship and trust are vital in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and there’s no doubt that Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle’s company is one of the most prominent.

Charles Organizes The Last Minute Wedding For Jake And Amy

Charles is, without a doubt, the biggest Jake and Amy fan, and it’s unlikely that any real-life fan can match his enthusiasm for the couple. While his reactions to Jake and Amy’s growing relationship range from amusing to creepy, the best thing he ever did was plan a last-minute wedding for them.

When Jake asks Charles to be his “BM,” Charles says yes

Fans did not doubt that Charles would be the best man when Jake and Amy got engaged. Jake approached Charles to be his best man, or “BM,” which was hilarious to watch.

“Take My Picture With It!”

Jake is a huge Die Hard fan, so when the squad passes the Nakatomi Plaza on their way home from a funeral, it’s no surprise that he wants to see it.

Jake Helps Charles Prove Genevieve’s Innocence

Charles had a string of bad luck with women in the early seasons. He eventually found the love of his life in Genevieve, and it’s thanks to Jake that they’re together.

Charles Gives Jake A Breakfast Bar

That’s why it’s not surprising that Charles wrote “breakfast” on Jake’s criminal capture checklist and slipped a breakfast bar into his pocket.

In Jake’s time of need, Charles teamed up with his nemesis.

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the saddest aspects of Charles’ character is his one-sided rivalry with police horse Sergeant Peanut Butter (later promoted to Lieutenant). However, in the final moments of Season 7, Charles puts his differences aside and uses the horse to help Jake get through congested traffic and see his son born.

The Best Buds Hats

The Best Buds hats, which appear to be a silly and fun way for Jake and Charles to celebrate their friendship, are pretty meaningful. Jake has Nickolaj’s biological father Gintars arrested for counterfeit jeans to assist Charles. When Charles becomes enraged at Jake because the arrest makes Nickolaj feel more abandoned, the plan backfires.

Jake Gets A Better Christmas Gift For Charles’ Son

Charles shows a stricter side in the episode “Captain Latvia,” as he goes all out to get Nickolaj a Captain Latvia action figure for Christmas. Of course, Jake joins him to assist until he realizes Charles is putting his life in jeopardy for the toy and knocks him out to save him, later telling him that the best gift he can give Nickolaj is his life.

Jake Gives Charles His Die-Hard Moment

When shoppers and staff at a store, including Gina, are held hostage by robbers in the episode “Yippie Kayak,” Jake is overjoyed at the opportunity to relive his Die Hard fantasy. In an unexpected turn of events, Jake puts himself in the criminals’ hands so Charles can flee.

Jake Calls Himself And Charles “Brothers”

During an eight-day stakeout, Jake and Charles came the closest to a fight. Despite Captain Holt and Terry’s warnings, they decide to go for it. It starts as the ultimate friendship goal, but their habits quickly irritate each other, and they’re soon at odds.

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