How I Met Your Mother: Ted’s Most Selfless Acts

Ted Mosby has some flaws in How I Met Your Mother, but he was still a kind person who did some pretty selfless acts.

He Becomes Barney’s Best Man

Ted took being this very seriously. He made several sacrifices and did the most tedious tasks to ensure that Barney was happy. No matter how insane the requests were, Ted never complained. Even under normal circumstances, Ted would have been going above and beyond, but these weren’t normal circumstances. Barney wasn’t just getting married to anyone. He was marrying Ted’s ex-girlfriend who he was still in love with. The ridiculous things that Barney had Ted do were just his way of punishing him after he suspects that there’s something going on between Ted and Robin. However, Barney was wrong, as no matter what he felt, Ted would never do anything to hurt his friends.

He Gives Lily And Marshall The Apartment

There’s a lot of history in Ted’s apartment. It was where he and Marshall first moved after they graduated college, where he lived with Marshall and Lily after they got married, and where he spent several years with Robin as his room mate. Once he realizes how unhappy Lily and Marshall are at their home in the suburbs, Ted takes his name off of the lease and gives them the apartment. Ted even builds a crib for Marshall and Lily’s baby, although carpentry is not his area of expertise.

He Ends His Arrangement With Robin

When Ted and Robin first started living together, they found themselves fighting over everything. Eventually, they came up with a solution. Every time an argument began, they would put an end to it by having sex

 It’s difficult to be friends-with-benefits given their long-term romance, but surprisingly, it wasn’t their past that caused the arrangement to end.

He Lets Stella Go

In a series of bad decisions on Ted’s part, Stella’s ex, Tony, ends up being invited to Ted and Stella’s wedding. It was obvious throughout Stella’s relationship with Ted that she still harbored feelings for her ex, but Ted never picked up on it. After Stella leaves him at the altar with a note of apology, Ted’s feeling pretty down on himself. He finds out that Stella moved to New York to be with Tony, which she had refused to do for him. At the gang’s encouragement, Ted decides to go tell Stella that she made a mistake choosing Tony. However, when he sees how happy Stella is with her family, Ted walks away

He Gives Barney Robin’s Locket

When Robin was a kid she planted a locket in the park to come back for when she got married. Robin spends the day digging for the necklace, but can’t find it. She calls Ted, who shows up to help her look. But the locket isn’t where Robin left it, and she becomes convinced the universe is telling her not to marry Barney. Ted tracks the locket down across the country and plans to give it to Robin as a wedding gift. Yet when he sees how unsure Robin still is about the wedding, Ted gives it to Barney to take credit for.

He Waits For His Kids’ Approval Before Moving On

Many fans argue that Ted telling his kids the story of how he met their mother when it was actually about Robin, was an act of manipulation on his part. But after six years of being alone, all Ted wanted was his kids’ blessing before being with someone else. The reason why Ted waited so long to pursue Robin was that he didn’t want to hurt his children.

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