12 Facts About Courteney Cox That Friends Fans Would Be Surprised To Learn

Courteney Cox was known best as the girl who got up on the stage with Bruce Springsteen during his “Dancing in the Dark” music video when Friends first aired in 1994. However, there is no doubt that Cox is best known for her role as Monica Geller these days, which is unlikely to change in the future.

12. Philanthropist

Like many other celebrities, Courteney Cox has chosen to support charitable causes since she first fame. However, she went above and beyond many of her peers when she created Coco for Cargo Cosmetics and donated all proceeds to epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin disease.

11. Something That We Have in Common

Of course, many actors end up playing characters with whom they have no connection. As in the case of Courteney Cox, she and her Monica Geller character from Friends are both neat freaks. Courteney Cox’s co-creator Marta Kauffman revealed that Courteney is so concerned with keeping things tidy that she would clean her co-stars’ changing rooms.

10. Groundbreaker

Television audiences have grown accustomed to seeing things that were once considered taboo on their televisions. Even married couples couldn’t be seen on TV sharing the same bed at one point. Courteney was the first person to refer to a period by name on television in a Tampax commercial early in her acting career, and she was a trailblazer in that regard.

9. All alone

During the ten-year run of Friends, not only did the show amass a massive fan base, but the cast and crew also received numerous well-deserved awards. On the other hand, Courteney Cox was the only Friends actress who never received an Emmy nomination for her work on the show. Given how funny Cox could be in her role, the fact that she never received her due at the Emmys astounds us.

8. a depressing search

Many people were interested in Natalie Holloway’s disappearance in 2005. Courteney Cox, clearly affected by the news coverage and possibly because Natalee attended the same high school as her, organized a celebrity fundraiser. Despite Courteney’s assistance in funding the search, Holloway’s story ended when she was never found, and someone confessed to her murder.

7. Different Role

It’s hard to believe Courteney Cox has considered another Friends role, given how good she was as Monica Geller. Despite this, she has been offered the position of Rachel Green. She declined in favor of playing her most famous character. That, in our opinion, demonstrates how excellent her acting instincts are.

6. Addiction in Childhood

Even though Courteney Cox is known for playing Monica Geller, the goody-two-shoes character, she isn’t as innocent in real life as you might think. She had admitted, for example, that she began smoking at the age of 13 and only stopped shortly before marrying David Arquette in 1999.

5. A Little-Known Legacy

Many people recognized Courteney Cox as the girl from Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video long before becoming became a star in her own right. Because of the video’s fame, it turns out that Courteney was the inspiration for something truly incredible: the Carlton dance. We know this because Alfonso Ribeiro, who plays Courteney in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has said that Courteney’s moves in that video were a part of his favorite dance.

4. Perseverance is rewarded.

Not only was Courteney Cox busy starring in Friends at the height of her career, but she was also a part of a massive film franchise, the Scream set. That almost didn’t happen because the producers of Scream thought. She was too nice to play Gale Weathers because of her friends’ niceness. Thankfully, after several conversations with the producers, Courteney has been able to persuade them that she could play Gale.

3. A New Profession

Courteney Cox has consistently made money flipping houses in addition to her incredibly successful acting career. She is well-known for her habit of purchasing classic design homes regular basis. She is an expert at modernizing living spaces while preserving their unique qualities and primary logo.

2. Excellent Friend

Courteney Cox has amassed many close celebrity friends since she first rose to fame. However, many people are unaware that Courteney and Ed Sheeran are such close friends that they double date. Furthermore, while Ed was in Malibu working on new music. Courteney allowed him to live with her rent-free for several months. However, by doing housework, he claimed to be a great houseguest.

1. Huge Discount

After Friends ended, Courteney Cox had a fantastic opportunity to star in another hit show, Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry, the show’s creator, approached Courteney about playing Susan Meyers. She declined because she was heavily pregnant at the time.

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