Emma watson ‘ star of Harry Potter’ Revealed Her Journey To Movies

Emma Watson has spoken out about working behind the camera in her filmmaking career.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress recently shared a photo of herself with camera equipment, revealing that she has been experimenting with directing. The English actress and activist told how she got started and how much her friends have helped her along the way in a new Instagram post.

Emma Watson Explains How She Got Into Filmmaking

Emma Watson debuted her first short film, a documentary about Emma Webster, a painter she knows.

“I didn’t intend to start making movies. I’d say the actual start was absorbing what I saw on set and then learning how to apply it in other areas of my life, “In the caption, Watson wrote.

“Then I began filmmaking by writing love letters to my friends. I enjoyed assisting them, whether it was styling them or producing photoshoots for their websites or business headshots, “she went on.

Watson went on to say that she wants to bring out the beauty in her loved ones so they can see themselves as she does.

Emma Watson Says Getting To Direct Is Like Falling In Love

Watson then spoke directly to Webster, thanking her for being an inspiration.

“I’ve always been afraid of living alone as a woman… & when you told me you’d been living in the garage above your studio to devote yourself to what you wanted to do despite everyone’s “good and well-intentioned advice,” I knew I wanted to make my first tiny film about you,” wrote the actress.

“I wanted to try to capture who you were and how important your work was right away. That’s why directing to me is so wonderful: you get to fall in love!”


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