What Are Hitchcock And Scully Like In Real Life, According To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’?

Michael Hitchcock and Norman ‘Norm’ Scully, middle-aged detectives on the hit NBC cop show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, are fans’ favorite characters. Their apparent incompetence and desire to do as little work around the place as possible has made them legendary. They even have their episode in the sixth season, titled ‘Hitchcock and Scully.’

Joel McKinnon Miller Is A Talented Singer

Miller’s abilities go beyond comedic acting. He’s also a talented singer, just like his on-screen character Norm! The actor studied theatre and opera at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he also took operatic singing lessons as a child. Miller uses his abilities and has performed in front of large audiences! In 2018, he completed the national anthem at Minneapolis’ US Bank Stadium. He considers it a huge honor to sing in front of the Minnesota Vikings fans.

Both Are Dedicated Family Men

On-screen, Blocker and Miller both live up to the sweetness of their characters. Outside of their busy work schedules, both are devoted husbands and fathers who spend a lot of time with their families. According to his Twitter bio, Miller married his wife Tammy in 1984, and they’ve been happily married in Los Angeles since 1991. Owen and Caitlyn, the couple’s two children, are environmental planners who married in October 2019.

Dirk Blocker has returned to school in the hopes of becoming a teacher.

Blocker allegedly ‘went back to school to earn his bachelor of arts degree so that he could teach K-12,’ according to his NBC.com bio. Dirk Blocker is an author as well! In 2017, he published Master and the Little Monk, a children’s book about “a lonely young boy befriended by a unique ally and mentor.” During the lockdown, he and his wife Danielle collaborated remotely with illustrator Cintia Segovia to create a short video, which is now available on Vimeo.

Joel’s Biggest Hobby Is Completing Puzzles

Joel may not solve crimes in real life, but he enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He seems to be a little obsessed with them, as he has 55 photos of completed jigsaws on his Instagram page. It’s a fascinating pastime that must help pass the time while on set!

They’re Good Friends Off The Set

On the show, it appears that Hitchcock and Scully are more than just pals! Because the show has been on for so long and their characters have appeared in so many scenes together, they seemed only natural to become friends. Outside of work, Joel and Dirk have become close friends. Behind the scenes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the two frequently take funny selfies together in costume and send sweet messages. Joel recently wrote ‘Happiest of birthdays to my pal’ on Dirk’s recent birthday, to which Dirk quickly replied, ‘Love you, pal!!!’ They are, indeed, friends.

Both Are Proud ‘Dog Dads’

Blocker and Miller are both dog lovers! Both are proud ‘dog dads,’ and the Instagram pages of their beloved pets are regularly updated with adorable pup dates. Maude and Phyllis, Blocker’s two dogs, are frequently photographed sleeping adorably next to each other, with captions like ‘Sleeping beauties’ and ‘When they put their heads together, they make quite a team.’


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