5 Mistakes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When watching their favourite shows, eagle-eyed viewers rarely notice a stray hair, but with shows as fast-paced as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there are bound to be a few blunders. Yes, we realise it’s difficult to believe, but even this flawless show has flaws. For your enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more obvious and subtle gaffes.

5. Jake CAN grow a mustache!?

Jake’s inability to grow a moustache has been stated numerous times by the man himself, but lo and behold, it appears in season five. However, one Reddit user stated:

“I can’t believe it, but that patchy beard is working for me.”

4. That’s not how you spell ‘Sergeant’

This would drive a grammar detective like Amy insane; it’s subtle, but it appears in a few shots in the season two episode ‘USPIS.’ This is an understandable oversight, but perhaps they should have used spell check BEFORE printing such a large poster.

3. Jake doesn’t know how to put a bulletproof vest on

Amy, Holt, and Jake are seen putting on SWAT vests in slow motion in the pilot’s final scenes, but Jake’s head is clearly visible through the arm hole, which is corrected in the next scene. This could be a reflection of the character or just for comedic effect, but it appears to be an accident! You’d think Detective Right-All-The-Time would know something about clothing.

2. Is it Joe or Charles?

Terry can be heard shouting “Joe, let us get in the Limo, please!” in Season 5 Episode 19 (Bachelor/ette party), which is also confirmed by the subtitles. It’s easy to overlook, and it was clearly done during filming, but Joe isn’t even close to Charles!

1. What does Holt have against TVs?

Amy goes upstairs to see what Kevin and Holt watch in bed in Season one Episode 6 (The Party), but Captain Holt tells the squad in Season two Episode 12 (Beach House) that he has never had a television in his bedroom, so which is it? We know Holt is a mysterious character, but lying about not having a television seems unnecessary.


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