The Cast Of How I Met Your Mother (Ranked By Net Worth)

The 2000s released some iconic sitcoms that are still talked about by fans today. For nine years, How I Met Your Mother featured a cast of characters going through their lives intertwining in New York City as the main character Ted narrates the story of how he met the mother of his two kids. The show has been acclaimed for having stellar writing, phenomenal acting, and having many storylines to keep the show fresh and unique. By having a studded cast performing as their characters, most of them will always be known for their work on the show.

10.Cristin Milioti – $4 Million

Fans of the show waited anxiously to figure out who would be the mother of Ted’s children. The character Tracy McConnell made an appearance in the show first as an unseen character, but once the eighth season aired its season finale, she would be portrayed by Cristin Milioti. While Robin and Ted fell in love at first sight, their relationship became filled with romantic tensions and it didn’t help that the creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas confirmed that she would not be the mother.

9.Wayne Brady – $10 Million

You may know him as a game show host from Don’t Forget the Lyrics! and the 2009 revival of Let’s Make a Deal or as a regular in the hilarious improv comedy Whose Line is it Anyway? but the amazingly talented Wayne Brady is one of the recurring characters portraying James Stinson. It seemed like a coincidence when Wayne plays the half-brother of Barney, as both he and Neil Patrick Harris are comedians also.

8.Joe Manganiello – $16 Million

Even if he only appeared in seven episodes total, Joe Manganiello is one of the notable guest stars in How I Met Your Mother, playing Marshall’s friend from law school, Brad Morris. Joe’s career started off with a lot of anticipation due to his role as Flash Thompson from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. He’s also had a lot of credits to his name on television, including the CBS sitcom.

7.Cobie Smulders – $18 Million

Before How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders was just an actress in lesser-known films and minor roles from TV shows including Smallville. When she auditioned for the show when Jennifer Love Hewitt of all people turned down the role, the show’s creators were thankful for Cobie to come in to eventually become Robin Scherbatsky Jr. Thanks to the comedy series, she landed many other opportunities for both movies and television.

6.Josh Radnor – $30 Million

Starring in one of the best sitcoms in the 21st century seems like a huge deal and to Josh Radnor’s credit, he’s set himself to be one of the best leading actors in comedy for this century. Being on the show has brought him to an amazing career path. Josh is not just tied to acting. He has debuted as a director for the 2010 film Happythankyoumoreplease, earning him a Sundance Film Festival award.

5.Alyson Hannigan – $40 Million

Alyson Hannigan portrays Lily Aldrin, Marshall’s wife as they got engaged in the pilot episode and had their ups and downs, but worked thing outs and got married in the second season’s finale. Lily is talented at what she does but is rather controlling to where she is rather unpredictable. She’s definitely had her high and low moments, but Alyson’s portrayal is nonetheless fantastic.

4.Martin Short – $40 Million

To add more comedic talents to How I Met Your Mother, who else would be perfect other than the legendary Martin Short? As one of the greatest comedians in recent history, his appearance in the CBS show was certainly a surprise, but a good one at that. As Marshall’s boss Garrison Cootes, his comedic timing was nothing short of brilliant, even if he only appeared in three episodes.

3.Jason Segel – $50 Million

Just a heads up, you will see this number a few more times for the remaining actors. To start off the net worth of $50 million, Jason Segel has a lot of critically acclaimed shows and movies to strengthen his resume. He’s appeared in the cleverly written, but short-lived Freaks and Geeks became a huge television star for appearing on How I Met Your Mother.

2.Bob Saget – $50 Million

Portraying the voice of older Ted Mosby, Bob Saget has worked as an entertainer for nearly 50 years. Even if he has only been the narrator of the series, his memorable work from other shows have earned him the insane $50 million net worth. Earlier he appeared as a host for America’s Funniest Home Videos and starred in one of the most beloved sitcoms Full House and its sequel, Fuller House.

1.Neil Patrick Harris – $50 Million

Even if he is not the main character in How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson’s Neil Patrick Harris is a star in his own right, and his career skyrocketed by the time he was cast as the playboy and one of Ted’s best friends. The show earned him four Emmy nominations, but that doesn’t stop there. He has won several awards like Favorite TV Comedy Actor from The People’s Choice Awards and earned other nominations and wins from his roles in musicals and as a guest star in other shows.

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