What Happened to Jake’s Other Siblings on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Throughout the run of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta dealt with family issues. His father’s repeated infidelity, combined with his parents’ tumultuous divorce, left an indelible mark on him. When Jake and his father reconciled. He discovered he had half-brothers and half-sisters in major US hub cities. Jake’s extended family was only mentioned once and never again. Despite this shocking revelation.

Jake loved living in New York City, born and raised. The tumultuous relationship between his parents was something he despised. Roger Peralta was a pilot and a serial philanderer who couldn’t seem to stay away from Jake’s mother, Karen. Cheating is never a good idea, but it wasn’t perfect for Jake because of his mother’s wonderful personality. In Season 2, Episode 18, Jake finally realizes Roger’s bad.

Jake’s issues with abandonment would follow him throughout his life, but it wasn’t until Captain Raymond Holt joined the Nine-Nine that he began to vocalize and address them. Jake saw Holt as a role model and a surrogate father figure. He aided Jake’s professional and personal development.

Without Jake’s assistance, Jake would not have been able to cope with his father’s return and the news that accompanied it.

In Season 3, Episode 14, Roger and Karen made their official comeback. Jake had to adjust to the idea of his parents as a couple, as well as Roger’s genuine desire to be a good father. In Season 5, Episode 7, Roger revealed that he had fathered several other children across the United States during a Thanksgiving gathering between Jake’s and Amy’s parents. At least, according to him.

Jake’s world was rocked. He attempted to contact his siblings and successfully found some of them. Only his half-sister Kate, who lives in Dallas, Texas, responded. In Episode 17 of Season 5, she visited him. Jake’s brothers and sisters never really came up again, which was strange. This didn’t make sense, given Jake’s obsession with his family.

As a result, when Kate came to visit, he seemed to stop talking about them. Amy also had several unidentified brothers at the time. David, who appeared in Season 6, Episode 9, was the only one who appeared. Tony, another of her brothers, was once mentioned as being particularly attractive.

Given the importance of family in the series, it seemed odd that these two main characters’ backstories were lacking. Jake wasn’t exactly the type to let go of a mystery. Even if he couldn’t form a lasting bond with them, the man would have wanted to meet them all.

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