10 Fan Theories About ‘Brooklyn 99’ That Are Worth Considering

The cop comedy show Brooklyn 99 has entertained countless viewers since its premiere in 2013. Fans of popular shows frequently delve into the meaning of specific episodes or characters, and this one is no exception. The final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air in 2021, but some theories about the show are worth considering.

10. Is There A ‘The Good Place’ Crossover In the Works?

Is it possible that Kevin is Shawn from A Good Place? Perhaps wished to meet Holt on Earth to fall in love with her?!

9. Is Gina depressed and concealing it with her demeanor?

On a more somber note, Gina may be suffering from depression. Maybe she’s acting in a toxic way toward other characters because she’s depressed.

8. Is There A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Crossover?

Jake has been obsessed with working undercover since the beginning of the show. Jake spied on his captain after joining the NYPD and hearing rumors of New York joining up with Indiana.

7. Is it true that Holt adopted Jake?

Everyone knows that the two characters have a relationship similar to that of a father and son. This theory can have the potential to be one of the most plausible on the list! Jake even addressed Holt as ‘father’ on occasion!

6. Is There A ‘New Girl’ Crossover In The Works?

In season 4, episode 4, of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake steals a car from none other than Jess from New Girl! Then, in season 6, episode 4 of New Girl, we see the majority of the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

5. Is There a Chance There Are More Secret Family Ties?

Is it possible that Jake and Charles are half-brothers? It would explain Charles’ solid feelings for Jake!

4. Is Rosa in love with Jake behind her parents’ backs?

Amy pretended to be engaged to Jake in a similar. Rosa looks disappointed or asks Jake if he still likes Amy after Jake expresses displeasure with Dave Majors’ romantic interest in Amy. Rosa ends up telling her parents that she’s in a relationship with Jake when she starts coming out as bisexual to her parents.

3. Was Karen Haas kidnapped for a reason?

What if Karen Haas, the Marshall, was seduced by Figgis’ men in Florida? It would explain how she could have been kidnapped so quickly. You’d think Haas’ wits would be on her side, but what if her kidnapping was more than that? What if she wasn’t kidnapped in the first place but went willingly?

2. Is Holt, on the side, quietly mentoring Boyle?

What if, similar to Holt’s mentorship of Peralta the first season, he has been mentoring many detectives as well? What if he’s been secretly coaching Boyle?

1. Is There A Spongebob Squarepants Crossover In The Works?

Okay, this is just for a laugh. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy, like Scully and Hitchcock, are a hilarious dynamic duo. Wouldn’t that be a show for the ages if it wasn’t true, which it likely isn’t?

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