5 Things You Missed On How I Met Your Mother

Sold as a cross between Friends, and The Wonder Years, due to its classic voice-over narration at the start of every episode, the show was an immediate success. But, although a success, the show was also noted for being extremely confusing, especially with regards to its non-linear narrative, and extravagant plot lines. Time and time again, audiences were thrown into the past, only to be spat right back up into the future, having witnessed a number of large and important moments in each character’s lives. So, for all those moments you may have failed to catch, here are 5 things you missed on How I Met Your Mother.

5.Barney Invented The Phrase “Bro Code”

Now one of the most famed phrases in the world, it is somehow hard to believe that the expression itself came straight out of the mouth of “legendary” ladies’ man, Barney Stinson. That’s right, actually coining the exact expression, the show’s writers came up with the term to express the unspoken relationship often seen between close male friends. Unheard of beforehand, Google recently confirmed that the phrase only became a certified expression searched on the famous website after it was initially heard on the show. Stating rules such as, “to have your bro’s back, no matter what,” and “If a bro’s girlfriend asks you about where he is, you know nothing – nothing at all. Keep their whereabouts to yourself, hang up and warn them,” the bro code is now a real life book, available to buy all over the world.

4.The Clock In Ted’s Apartment Was Always Set At 4:20

Ever notice that the clock in Ted, Lily and Marshall’s apartment is always set to 4:20? Well you have now. Always set at this specific time, the actual reason behind the concrete time setting is never revealed. However, that doesn’t stop fans of the show from trying to figure out if there is a deeper meaning behind the mysterious time fix. That’s right, from time travel adventures, to a Lost type limbo scenario, some even claimed that the alluded time is a reference to smoking marijuana. Yep, a term that refers to the smoking of cannabis, the number is also celebrated as a date, with April 20th (4/20) in the U.S. known as “national” cannabis day, and a favorite holiday among many. What do you think?

3.Alyson Hannigan Hated Kissing Jason Segel

Firm friends off screen, as well as lovers on screen, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel were everybody’s favorite married couple. However, said to have hated kissing Segel due to his torrid smoking habit, Hannigan actually went as far as asking the producers not to script anymore scheduled smooches. That’s right, not a fan of smokers, Hannigan hated the stench of Segel’s sordid breath, comparing kissing him to “kissing an ashtray.” Ouch! Not letting his unruly habit to get in between them, Hannigan and Segel were still the best of pals, proven in an emotional video during the last season of the show. Asked who she would miss the most, Hannigan burst into tears, describing her co-star as “a wonderful guy” before jokingly pretending that she wouldn’t miss him at all. Awwwww.

2.Their Spouses Also Appeared On The Show

A family affair, How I Met Your Mother was famed for also inviting the stars’ other halves, with three of the cast’s spouses appearing throughout the show. That’s right, playing the role of Scooter, Lily’s ex-boyfriend, real life husband of Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, shows up in a number of random episodes throughout the series. Seemingly enjoying a good joke, the show then cast Lily’s real life husband, Alexis Denisof, to play the hilariously over-the-top news anchor, Sandy Rivers. And, if that wasn’t enough, producers then cast SNL legend and husband of Cobie Smulders, Taran Killam, as the unlikable and crude, Gary Blauman. However, mirroring that of his own character on screen, actor Josh Radnor has yet to marry, resulting in no cameos for him and his equally unlucky in love persona, Ted Mosby.

1.All The Scenes For Ted’s Kids Were Filmed In One Season

Disappointed with the ending, a number of fans worldwide made no secret of their hatred for how the show ended. However, with the ending of the series actually set in stone from the very beginning, it seems producers really had no choice. That’s right, with the final scene filmed around the start of season two, the footage was shot due to the rapid growth spurts of the two actors playing the role of Ted’s children. Obviously a huge part of the show’s premise, the two actors had to be seen to be the same age as in season one, therefore the ending was decided as early as possible. Commenting on the matter, creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays claimed, “we’ve had a plan since the pilot and we actually shot a little piece of it at the beginning of season two, using the kids, because we knew if we waited until the finale of the series, the kids would have aged like six years. So yeah, part of our plan for how we want to end it all has already been done.”

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