7 Photos The How I Met Your Mother Cast Wishes They Could Take-Back

Pound On The Sauce

If we came to learn one thing at all about Robin during the hundreds of episodes we saw her in, it’s that she can eat enough to feed an entire family. This behind-the-scenes shot is proof of just that, as she pours far too much BBQ sauce onto a slice on pizza. If only we all shared that metabolism.

Half Caveman, Half Bikie

Alright, Josh, please, tell us what you were thinking here because we simply can’t wrap our heads around it. On the one hand, it looks like you’ve just emerged from a hidden cave after five months of surprisingly groomed exile. On the other hand, it looks like you’re auditioning to be top dog in the Hell’s Angels.

NPH Needs Some Sleep

After seeing Neil Patrick Harris – an extremely talented actor – play the blond-haired womanizer, Barney Stinson, for seasons on end, it comes across as a bit of a shock to see his mop so dark. That aside, for whatever reason, he’s looking tired and disheveled – not the best look for our beloved NPH.

NPH Needs Some Hair

Okay, we take that back – we’d much rather see Neil Patrick Harris with tired eyes and a head of black hair that a shiny, bowling-ball noggin instead. The Hollywood star needed to shave it all off in preparation for the role of Count Olaf in Netflix’s adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

What Can I Get Ya?

Let’s forget about the fact that this photo might have had a little bit of a touch-up and instead focus on the fact that it exists, regardless of how that came to be. After forming a reputable portfolio with countless film and TV appearances over the years, Alyson Hannigan would likely prefer not to be considered a diner waitress.

Bring On The Wrinkles

To the devoted HIMYM viewers, despite turning 30 during the show, Lily was always a symbol of youth. Her idiosyncrasies were often childish, and we always thought that she looked much younger than her actual age. In this photo, however, we’re starting to see Alyson develop signs of age, and she wouldn’t be overly proud of that.

Say No To The Mo

Alright, Neil, we have to talk. Unless it’s November and you’re raising money for charity, we never want to see you with a mustache ever again. Capiche? On top of that, the actor is looking a little too tanned – did he spend a few weeks at the beach or could it be spray tan? Either way, we wouldn’t be too proud of this look if we were you.

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