23 “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Behind-The-Scenes Cast Info That Is Simply The Best

23 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Behind-The-Scenes Cast Info That Is Simply The Best

1. Before the pilot has written, all of the actors met with Dan Goor and Mike Schur to help incorporate aspects of their real-life personalities into their characters.

2. Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz were worried that one of them would fire when they first booked the show because they didn’t see a show with two Latina leads.

3. Jake and Amy’s chemistry was “through the roof” when they screened an audience before the series even premiered.

4. Before filming Jake and Amy’s first kiss, Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg competed to see who could have “the most stank breath” — they ate wings and roasted garlic.

5. Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg went to elementary school together, and Chelsea had a crush on Andy when they were younger.

6. When the show first aired, Andre Braugher gave Andy Samberg a photograph of Elton John and Barry White, which he said perfectly encapsulated Holt and Jake’s friendship.

7. her own experiences inspired Stephanie Beatriz’s storyline about Rosa’s bisexuality.

8. Terry Crews’ real-life experiences of being racially profiled in his neighborhood inspired the film.

9. When Hitchcock or Scully are doing something in the background of a scene, Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller occasionally bring their props to use.

10. Terry Crews’ first job was sketching courtroom sketches for Flint, Michigan’s worst murder case.

11. Terry sent his sketches to Disney in the hopes of landing a job before he started acting or playing football.

12. Stephanie Beatriz had only $50 in her bank account when she booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and she was learning fitness classes at the time.

13. Before playing Rosa, Stephanie was a Shakespearean actor with no prior experience in comedy.

14. Melissa Fumero worked as a professional dancer until she was in her late twenties, and one of her first jobs was learning ballet.

15. Andy Samberg’s first job in television was as a production assistant on Spin City, now filmed on the same lot as Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

16. Chelsea Peretti auditioned for Megan, which later evolved into Rosa, and Gina has created for her after that.

17. Terry Crews was explicitly written for the role of Terry by the creators, who liked the concept of someone who “looks like a superhero but is very gun-shy, literally.”

18. Before he has cast on the show, Melissa Fumero was a big fan of Joe Lo Truglio.

19. Andy Samberg would tell “cool cool cool cool cool” between takes to make the cast laugh — the writers ended up incorporating it into the show.

20. When Joe starts riffing during a scene and doesn’t know when to stop, the cast affectionately refers to him as “Butt McGee.”

21. Terry was allergic to the clothes he had to wear during the Cinco de Mayo heist because he painted gold.

22. When Fox first canceled the show, the entire cast gathered in a large group chat to mourn the loss of their performance.

23. Finally, Andy Samberg’s fondness for Die Hard inspired the running gag about Jake’s obsession with the film.

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