Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Worst Episodes, Ranked According To IMDB

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has amassed a loyal following throughout its eight-season run. The exceptional array of actors put their heart and soul into their characters as they follow a squad of police detectives working in New York City.

10. Jake’s Strengths and Weaknesses As A Detective Quickly Displayed By The Tagger (7.5)

Even though Brooklyn Nine-Nine has grown in popularity over the years, it took some time for the show to find its audience. To make the plots more compelling, the characters needed to develop significantly.

9. Return To Sky fire Resurrects Sky fire’s Wonderfully Silly Fantasy World (7.5)

Return To Sky fire, the fifth season episode, features the return of DC Parlov, the author Jake and Terry met in the fourth season episode Sky fire Cycle. Going to return to the fictional fantasy world of Sky fire, Jake and Terry are both obsessed with the franchise, having read the books while Jake has incarcerated.

8. Gina’s Strange Goodbye To The Nine-Nine Is In Four Movements (7.4)

Chelsea Peretti’s final episode on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Four Movements. Gina announces her departure from the Nine-Nine in episode Four Moments. Gina then proceeds to give each of her friends and coworkers a “Gina moment,” she provides the squad with bizarre life lessons and experiences.

7. A Threat To Boyle’s Happiness Introduced By Gintars (7.4)

The titular character is introduced as the biological father of Nikolaj, Charles Boyle’s adopted son, in Gintars. Guitars not only teaches this potential rival for Boyle but also delves into Boyle’s fears of losing time with his son.

6. Debbie is unnecessarily frantic and feels compelled at times (7.3)

Vanessa Bayer of Saturday Night Live makes three appearances as Officer Debbie Fogle in the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Debbie is the most recent appearance. Debbie’s character has polarized fans, which may explain why this Debbie-centric episode has such a low IMDB rating.

5. He Said She Said Attempts To Address Workplace Sexual Harassment In A Respectful Manner (7)

Nine-take Nine’s on the #MeToo movement was He Said, She Said. Despite the serious tone, the comedy flair of Brooklyn Nine-Nine shone through at appropriate intervals, and He Said, She Said was generally handled with tact. Jake and Amy are investigating a sexual assault and harassment case.

4. Another episode from Season 8 that divided viewers were Blue Flu (7)

As with most Brooklyn 99 eighth and final season episodes, Blue Flu has mixed fans’ reviews. The internal war with Holt’s squad and John C. McGinley’s Frank O’Sullivan continues as the squad studies alleged illness-causing multiple police officers to be off sick from work.

3. The Set-Up Sees Jake Question His Future As A Officer (6.7)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has solved plenty of serious real-life issues or topics over the years, and they have mostly done tactfully and professionally. However, there will always be viewers who aren’t appreciative of these narrative changes, as it deviates too far away from the outrageous comedy they watch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

2. Return Of The King Has Gina’s Rather Fast Return To Action As Some Celebrity Figure (6.4)

Gina Linetti has always received mixed opinions from fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When she left the show as a recurring character, reactions still split. Gina returns in Return Of The King, but her already divisive nature is somehow completely different. She’s now a celebrity-type picture due to the success of the G-Hive.

1. The Good One’s Set The Tone For The Problems That The Final Season Would Tackle or Represent (4.8)

Episode one of the final season of Brooklyn 99 came during the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing and mask-wearing are immediately addressed in a typical Jake and Charles humorous way. However, this was instantly overshadowed by a vital talking point, police brutality and racism.

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