The Openness With Which I Met Your Father Differs From HIMYM

The new show has a significant narrator change in episode 1 of How I Met Your Father. Which helps to explain the relationships in the stories better than How I Met Your Mother did. Even though How I Met Your Father features an entirely new cast. It remains firmly rooted in the same franchise as its predecessor. Even in episode one, the show references How I Met Your Mother and reuses a major set-piece.

Ted Cosby (Bob Sage) tells his two children about how he met their mother in the year 2030. The film How I Met Your Mother will be released 2030. Despite the mother not appearing until the end of How I Met Your Mother, season 8. This framing device spans the entire nine seasons of the original show. The older Sophie (Kim Cantrell) is seen telling her son. The story of how she met his father in How I Met Your Father. And the end of episode 1 makes it clear that. One of the four men already introduced will be the father.

Many viewers found it strange that the older. Ted was as open about some things with his teenage kids. As he was with his teenage kids throughout the 9-season run of How I Met Your Mother. While he tried to hide that he and his friends were doing drugs. He repeatedly went into detail about the numerous sexual relationships with random women. Before meeting their mother, even hinting at a threesome. This is even brought up when he wonders if he is a good father for telling them all of this. Sophie admits in How I Met Your Father that she’ll include the “sexy bits,” and she’s right.

It’s possible that the original series was trying to be sex-positive. Another significant difference from How I Met Your Mother’s framing device is which character is seen speaking. It is pretty significant. The point, it has multiple implications. Because Sophie’s son isn’t visible, his appearance can’t be used to identify the father. And if the show runs for years, the actor’s age will be irrelevant. Furthermore, unlike How I Met Your Mother, which focused on the kids being repulsed. How I Met Your Father shows Sophie’s empowerment in her stories.

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