How I Met Your Mother: Marshall’s 5 Best Story Arcs

Out of all the characters on the show, Marshall is definitely a firm favorite. However, there is still a thing or two they would love to change.

Best: Robin’s Attraction

One particular arc for Marshall that is not resolved over the course of one episode is his relationship with Robin. As many fans remember, Marshall and Robin did not hang out often. However, when they do spend time together, the viewers are often provided with comedy gold.

Best: Slap Bets

While the slap bets, on How I Met Your Mother also tend to go too far, they usually do so for comedic effect. In fact, Marshall’s arc with never foregoing a slap against Barney is one of the show’s best overall arcs, regardless of character.

Best: Life After Lily

While it’s tough to watch Marshall’s depression in the fallout of this, it does result in one of his best arcs. For the first time, fans were able to see what Marshall could be without having his identity tied to his relationship with Lily. He’s at his best with her, undoubtedly, but it was vital to see him prove his mettle without her too.

Best: Parting With His Father

While Marshall did get off to a rocky start as a father, it’s hard to say the same about his own relationship with his dad. In fact, his father’s death is one of the emotional strong points of HIMYM since the viewers had seen how close the duo was.

What begins with Marshall breaking down in tears results in his parting from his father with a knowledge of peace, love, and acceptance. It’s not just Marshall’s arc at its most beautiful, it’s also one of the loveliest HIMYM instances ever.

Best: Doing What He Loves

Before he ever entertained the notion of becoming a judge, Marshall found a way to work his dream job at the National Resources Defense Council. It’s an instance of a How I Met Your Mother character achieving their career-based goals.

As such, it’s one of Marshall’s best arcs, for sure. How can anyone not love seeing one of the show’s best characters abundantly happy, after all? It was all coming together for Marshall when he nabbed this position.

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