Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Side Actors With Main Character Energy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Side Actors With Main Character Energy

The romance between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago is a beloved part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Raymond Holt’s serious demeanor makes him a fan favorite. While the central characters on this popular show are incredibly compelling, most episodes do an excellent job of introducing minor characters.

10. Kevin M. Cozner

Kevin or Holt’s beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine relationship is unique, and their brief separation in season 8 is heartbreaking.

9. The Vulture

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, A Vulture is a natural person, but he is vital as a mysterious figure who could strike at any time. In season 5, The Vulture has become involved in a significant plotline when he uses Amy and Jake’s wedding venue for his wedding.

8. Katie Peralta

When they meet her, Amy and Jake are taken aback by Jake’s half-behavior sisters, and Jake is taken aback by Jake’s half-behavior sisters when they meet her. She has handcuffed after injuring someone on the plane, and she then claims that her dinner should be free because she lied about eating the glass.

7. Sam Boyle

The season 8 episode “Game of Boyles,” in which Jake tries to find out who gave Charles’s uncle the poison that killed him, is one of the most hilarious of the entire series. The conclusion of this storyline reveals that Charles was accepted, a fact that greatly disturbs him.

6. Bill Hummertrout

One of the most intriguing characters is Bill Hummertrout. Jake enjoys it when he is a part of the famous Halloween heist year because he looks like Charles Boyle.

5. Adrian Pimento

Rosa is a formidable opponent. Fans adore her for various reasons, including her appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fans are fascinated by her unexpected and hilarious relationship with the quirky and wacky side character Adrian Pimento.

4. Genevieve Mirren-Carter

Charles falls for Genevieve Mirren-Carter, which changes his life as they adopt their son Nikolaj.

3. Stevie Schilens

Stevie Schillens and Jake used to work together, and they call themselves “The Beastie Boys.” In season 3, Jake, Stevie, and Charles are on a stakeout together, and because this upsets Charles and makes him realize how important his friendship with Jake is, Stevie’s time on the show is a big deal.

2. Doug Judy

Doug Judy makes a perfect final appearance in season 8 when he tells Jake that he’s going to prison and he wants to drive there with him so they can have one last adventure.

1. Madeline Wuntch

It’s a big shock when Madeline Wuntch dies, and even Captain Holt is emotional as he realizes that their feud was a happy part of his life since he enjoys being competitive.

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