In 2022, what would each character’s favourite television show be?

Friends’ characters are well-known for their personalities, quirks, and interests, whether in fashion, cooking, acting, or science, depending on the surface. Fans can see these characteristics in a variety of ways. Even watching the characters watch TV can reveal a lot about their personal preferences.

Gossip Girl – Janice

Janice is the queen of all things gossipy, as any true Friends fan knows. Takes great pleasure in getting involved in other people’s problems. She has a lot to say about love. And being a drama queen herself, she has a lot to say about it. Today, her favorite show would probably be Gossip Girl.

Phoebe – Orange Is The New Black

Phoebe is a genuinely unique character because, even with her bubbly and eccentric attitude, she has darker humor through her songs or one-liners Because of her, Phoebe might like Orange Is the New Black today. Rough background and offbeat humor.

Chandler from the TV show “Killing Eve”

In terms of television shows and pastimes, Chandler has very different tastes. Because the things he enjoys are unexpected. He is frequently teased about them, making them more of a guilty pleasure for him. Killing Eve would be a great show to watch. Quickly become another guilty pleasure for him that his friends might disapprove of.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Joey

Joey is known for his taste in television shows such as Baywatch, which he enjoys watching because of the attractive female leads. Joey, as an actor, also enjoyed watching movies and making his friends watch them. Show he starred in. Grey’s Anatomy would be his first choice because he played a doctor in a soap opera. Be his favorite show.

The Great British Baking Show’s Monica

Cooking and baking are Monica’s two greatest loves. She made a career out of it, and she was always cooking food for the Friends. Without a doubt, The Great British Baking Show is her favorite modern-day show.

The Big Bang Theory’s Ross

Ross is widely regarded as the nerdiest and geekiest character in Friends, as well as the most intelligent, despite his numerous gaffes. Ross would probably pick a modern-day show as his favorite if he had to pick one. Shoe with some degree of meekness, such as The Big Bang Theory.

Emily in Paris – Rachel

Rachel is the ideal modern-day show for her because she enjoys fashion, relationships, and drama, and she can imagine what her life would have been like if she had taken the job in Paris.

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