How I Met Your Mother: 10 Signs You’re The Barney Of Your Friend Group

How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) offers the most comical relief of the entire cast. Charming, optimistic, and handsome, he brings a lot of energy into an otherwise pretty stale group. His lifestyle is definitely not healthy: he is all about chasing girls and tricking them into sleeping with him.

10.You’re Promiscuous

While your friends might be all paired up, you’re all about living that perfect single life. You’re not interested in dating, but you can’t spend time alone either. Barneys of friend groups either spend all their time with their friends or chasing one night stands.

9.You Help Your Friends In Huge Ways

Barney bought Lily a plane ticket from San Francisco back to New York to get back with Marshall, even though he put on a front of being happy that Marshall is finally single. He arranged for Ted to add to the New York skyline with his very own skyscraper, and helped Marshall get a corporate job when he was financially struggling. He also made a video CV for Robin and opened a lot of job opportunities for you.

8.Nobody Takes You Seriously

Barney never lets his guard down and he protects his true self by acting silly. His friends don’t seem to care enough about him to explore what’s behind the obvious facade, which makes Barney quite a tragic character.

7.You’re Afraid Of Intimacy

It’s preposterous that none of Barney’s friends never try to confront him about the fact that he is clearly afraid of intimacy, yet it’s what he craves the most. One night stands are like an intimacy simulation for Barney: he can’t even sleep with the same person more than once. If there’s ever been a red flag on legs, it’s Barney Stinson!

6.You’re The One With All The Catch Phrases And Stories

Barney is funny, imaginative, and creative. One of his most redeemable qualities is probably the ability to tell fake history tales (such as The Tale of Sexless Innkeeper) and his “legen-wait for it-dary” catchphrases.

5.You Always Look Great In Pictures

The fact that Barney always look amazing in pictures is quite a joke on How I Met Your Mother. In this day and age, friends take a lot of pictures together, but someone is typically always dissatisfied with the way they look. Not Barney, though.

4.You Are Innovative And Fun

What would your friend group do if it wasn’t for the fun you bring in? Barney’s got laser tag, whiskey and cigar nights, and even though we might not agree with him on this one, he goes to the strip club as well.

3.You Have A Soulless, Corporate Job

Barney is clearly filthy rich (maybe even richer than the cast of the show in real life), but when the gang asks him again and again about his job, he gives them no clear answer as to what is he doing. He is not passionate about his job at all; he is mostly bored there.

2.You’re The Great Pretender

Barney is so good at lying that even he himself believes his own lies. He tricked his own mother into thinking that he has a happy little family, even though she didn’t really care about those things.

1.You’re Materialistic

Barney makes a point to always look sharp and he has more suits than he can count. He is also obsessed with other material possessions, especially gadgets of all sorts. And let’s not forget his Stormtrooper statue.

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