Harry Potter: 10 Scenes That Prove Harry & Hermione Were Bestfriends

The leading trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron grew from strangers to lifelong friends throughout the Harry Potter franchise. Finally, Hermione and Ron married and had two children, while Harry married Ginny Weasley and had three children.

Love At First Sight

Every excellent film romance begins with a meet-cute, the endearing and memorable circumstances the eventual couple meets. Harry and Hermione are no exception in this regard. In The Sorcerer’s Stone, Hermione met Harry in his cabin while trying to help Neville find his missing toad as the Hogwarts Express transported the first-year students to Hogwarts. She saw his broken glasses and cast a spell to fix them.

Great Wizard

While Hermione cared for an unconscious Ron, Harry prepared for his big showdown with Voldemort and Quirrel in The Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry was well aware that he was on his own in moving forward. Hermione bolstered his confidence by referring to him as a great wizard, even more, significant than herself.

Great Hall Reunion

Hermione was healed from the basilisk’s petrification by the end of The Chamber of Secrets, and she rejoined her friends in the Great Hall. Hermione dashed over to Harry and Ron, eager to welcome them. She greeted Harry first, giving him a full hug.

Moonlit Flight

Harry and Hermione used the Time-Turner in The Prisoner of Azkaban to save Buckbeak from execution and protect Sirius Black from the Dementors. During this adventure, Hermione persuades Harry that instead of waiting for his father to intervene, he should save Sirius Black.

Grand Entrance

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’s Yule Ball was a scene full of tangled romantic entanglements. Although Harry was at the ball with Parvati Patil, he couldn’t help but notice Cho Chang’s lovely ballgown. Hermione arrived at the ball shortly after, accompanied by Viktor Krum.

Shared Heartbreak

In The Half-Blood Prince, Ron celebrated his match-winning quidditch play for Gryffindor by kissing Lavander Brown, causing a heartbroken Hermione to leave the party. They hugged and held each other, comforting each other in similar situations. Harry pursued her, confessing his disappointment at seeing Ginny with another man.

Slughorn’s Christmas Party

After comforting each other overseeing their crushes with other people in The Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Hermione were invited to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party. Hermione regretted not thinking of this before asking Cormac to be her date, and Harry suggested they go together.


When Harry, Ron, and Hermione stayed in the woods during their quest to destroy the Horcruxes in The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Ron became envious of Harry and Hermione’s relationship and left the group. Harry invited Hermione to dance after noticing that she was unfortunate and anxious due to Ron’s departure.

Christmas Eve In Godric’s Hollow

In Part 1 of The Deathly Hallows, Harry and Hermione travel to Godric’s Hollow searching for the Gryffindor Sword. They came across a cemetery while walking down the street arm in arm on Christmas Eve night.

Willing To Go With Him

The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 gave fans the long-awaited showdown between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Harry realized he was a Horcrux before the final battle and needed to be destroyed before Voldemort could be exposed.

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