Brooklyn 99: 10 Things Fans Love About Rosa (According To Reddit)

Brooklyn 99: 10 Things Fans Love About Rosa (According To Reddit)

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a mishmash of comedic delights. Jake, who can turn any situation into a game or a bet, no matter how serious it is, Amy, who is adorably nerdy & gets excited over files and paper clips, and Holt, who is so formal that he signs texts with “sincerely, yours.”

10. It’s Interesting To Watch

Rosa has so many sides that other fans will enjoy different aspects of her, whether her general don’t-give-a-damn attitude or her habit of pulling knives and other weapons from unexpected places. Her character evolved slightly since the first season, and she is now a little friendlier, without losing any of the creepiness that fans have always adored.

9. Amazing Character Development

So far, the show has aired seven seasons, with the eighth set to premiere soon. Each of the characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has grown and developed throughout the seasons. Jake is a tad more mature, Amy is a tad less haughty, Charles is less creepy, Holt is a bit less mysterious, and Holt is a whole lot less robotic.

8. A friend who is willing to help

Rosa has proven to be a great and present friend, especially to Amy and Jake, despite her appearance as a closed-off person who doesn’t like to say or do much. She stood all night at a store to try to win Amy the stroller she wanted in season 7, episode 12, “Ransom,” and later, when Amy went into labor at the station, she supported her throughout the ordeal.

7. Tough vs. Soft is a good point of view.

Rosa’s character is a mix of edgy and lovely, and some fans enjoy that about her. Rosa on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an example of a nervous character who is excellent inside, a common trope in TV shows.

6. Funny Expressions on the Face

One fan commented on a Rosa appreciation post on Reddit that they always look for Rosa in the background of scenes because her expressions are always spotted. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy show with a lot of humor, often enhanced by the characters’ reactions.

5. Intelligent, self-assured, and independent

Rosa has always been self-reliant, perhaps a little too self-sufficient at times, but the self-assurance that comes with that independence is something that fans adore about her. She’s a good or loyal friend to Amy, Jake, and the others, even if she doesn’t open up easily.

4. What She Did About Charles’ Crush

In season one, Charles had a massive crush on Rosa had in season one and kept asking her out. Rosa made it clear to him that she wasn’t interested without being rude about it, which one fan praised Reddit.

3. Enjoying and laughing

Rosa hardly ever smiles, much less laughs. The other characters, especially in the earlier seasons of the show, made conscious efforts to get her to smile, usually to no avail.

2. Holt and Her Relationship

The characters form pairs to work on cases or deal with personal issues from time to time. From Jake & Charles to Amy and Rosa, the show has shown the characters paired up throughout the seasons.

1. Arlo’s Devotion

Rosa couldn’t understand why Charles was so upset when one of his dogs died. To help him out of his funk, she bought him a new dog and told him to name it after the one who had died. Of course, this failed, and she ended up keeping the dog, which she adored to the point of threatening to kill everyone if anything happened to Arlo.

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