HIMYF Is the Lizzie McGuire Reboot We Never Got

Despite being very different from what fans expected when Disney announced a follow-up to the 2002-2004 Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, Hulu’s How I Met Your Father has a lot to like. Given what has been revealed about the doomed sequel series’ direction, this may be the best-case scenario.

Following her co-starring role in Darren Star’s TV Land series Younger, Hilary Duff’s return to the role that made her famous piqued fans’ interest all over the world. It seemed natural for a reboot/sequel, both as a draw for Disney+ subscribers and were curious to see how she, like them, would navigate adulthood.

Unfortunately, due to creative differences with Disney over the tone of the series. The reboot lost its original creator Terri Minsky. Lizzie would have returned home after discovering her fiancé cheated on her in the reboot. And she would have started over at the age of 30. For fans of the original Lizzie McGuire, seeing her dealing with such a mature set of events would have been jarring. However, Duff, Minsky, and the majority of the original cast are back. It would have likely been the same show, just slightly more reflective of adulthood’s complexities.

Sophie is flawed and frustrated, but she is also kind and optimistic, which is exactly what fans would expect from a 30-year-old Lizzie.

Sophie’s background is very different from Lizzie’s nuclear family as a dysfunctional single mother raised her as an only child. Character-wise, it’s not that dissimilar. Despite the bleakness of the impetus for Lizzie’s return home. One can assume that she would not let it define her like Sophie.

HIMYF has a similar tone to its predecessor, with a few nods to the original series. It is a four-camera sitcom with occasional single-camera moments and a laugh track. In comparison, Lizzie McGuire was a single-camera show without a laugh track in 2002. In contrast, HIMYF is a throwback outlier on today’s TV landscape.

HIMYF’s first flaw is the series of ruses required to bring its underdeveloped characters together. This is where HIMYF’s flaws with How I Met Your Mother, and Lizzie McGuire show up. In the former case, it’s how a similar set-up highlights the original cast’s personalities and connections from the start. Whereas in the latter’s case, it’s the fact that as a follow-up with a built-in set of characters.

While HIMYF isn’t perfect or exactly what fans of Lizzie McGuire were hoping for from a sequel. It has a lot of positive aspects, not least seeing Duff in the lead role of a woman in her 30s with the help of her close friends. In essence, this is pretty much what fans expected from a Disney+ Lizzie McGuire.

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