Monica Should Have Dumped Chandler 5 Times (5 Times He Should Have Dumped Her)

Chandler and Monica are probably the cutest couples on Friends, going from a drunk one-night stand at a wedding to having their wedding (and family). They’re sweet, funny, and surprisingly good at working through problems and talking things out (for a sitcom). These two were destined to be joined together from the start. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t encounter some difficulties.

10. Chandler’s Joke About Her Weight

Despite the reality that most fans agree that they are now a great couple, there were times when I wanted to scream “dump them!” at the screen. Lies, manipulations, and put-downs aren’t the only indicators of a healthy relationship (just a sitcom one).

9. When Monica Forcibly Forcibly Forcibly Force

Admittedly, this one turns into one of their sweeter moments, but the way it starts is just awful. Phoebe hurts Monica’s feelings by telling her that she is high maintenance (undeniably the truth), so Monica stomps off and grabs Chandler. She coaches him in a speech to give to Phoebe and Rachel and makes him repeat it verbatim even though he is uncomfortable. That said, he then comforts her and tells her that it’s ok because he likes ‘maintaining her’ – which is beautiful, but the situation as a whole isn’t great.

8. Chandler’s Deception About His Allergies

Unless you’re Chandler Bing, honesty is the bedrock of a relationship. Chandler is a big fan of lying, but it’s usually about minor, innocuous things. On the other hand, Chandler made up a deadly medical condition for his pets rather than telling the truth – which is a huge lie.

7. When Monica Tricked Him Into Having Sex

He does not like dogs, which is fine (if a little unusual), but rather than admit it; he claims to be allergic to them. If Phoebe hadn’t snuck a dog into the apartment and discovered him, he might have continued to lie for the rest of their lives.

6. Chandler’s Homophobic Laughter

On the other hand, Monica isn’t strictly the most trustworthy partner. Monica discovers Chandler has been smoking again while the two are trying to conceive a child. She becomes enraged with him, even though he is an adult who can (presumably) make his own decisions. They have a huge fight. She pretends to forgive him because she’s ovulating at the time. For duping him into having sex with her… and then tells him it was all a lie, and she’s still furious.

5. Chandler’s Anti-Homosexual Laughter

This is, admittedly, a problem that almost every character on the show has. Monica should not, however, accept a relationship with someone who is homophobic (even if only a little). Chandler’s issues with his parents aren’t entirely implausible. He has many problems with his father, who is trans and works as a lounge singer in Vegas. On the other hand, Monica makes an effort to welcome both parents in, and despite not being particularly sensitive, she tries to be complimentary and use the proper pronouns. On the other hand, Chandler is being utterly insensitive to the situation, and she deserves someone who is more understanding.

4. Monica’s demand that they spend all of his savings on a wedding

Fans often forget that Chandler earns the most money of anyone on the show, except for Joey when he was at the height of his fame. When Monica was upset about her parents spending her wedding fund on a beach house, she forgot about it. When Chandler revealed that he had a healthy savings account, she demanded that they pay for the entire wedding he had been saving for years – and dared to get upset with him when he refused!

3. Chandler Intruded Into Her Closet

Even in a relationship, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of privacy. It’s not acceptable for a partner to read a partner’s journal or dig through their drawers… but Chandler disagrees.

2. When Monica makes fun of him

Monica’s domineering personality is satirized in Friends, and all of the characters’ personalities are exaggerated for the sake of comedy. On the other hand, Monica routinely bullies Chandler to the point where, when he tries to be friendly and clean the apartment, and he becomes terrified that she will be upset. She appears to recognize that something is wrong and states that she does not want him to be afraid of her, but she does not change.

1. Chandler’s First Job In Tulsa

Major life decisions should always be discussed with your partner, especially when something as significant as relocating to another state. On the other hand, Chandler landed a job in Tulsa without even consulting his partner. He may not have meant to (he fell asleep in a meeting and had to be awakened). Had to be woken up). I didn’t realize what he agreed to). He could have spoken to his boss instead of telling her that their marriage had to be long-distance, even at Christmas and New Year’s (and he almost cheats on her when he’s there, too!).

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