18 Surprising Things About Matthew Perry’s Time On Friends

18 Surprising Things About Matthew Perry's Time On Friends

On “Friends,” Matthew Perry played Chandler’s iconic character, and the world will never stop watching him. Even though the show’s final episode aired in 1995, Matthew Perry continues to earn millions as the show’s popularity in syndication grows. Being a part of this historic show and rising to extreme fame took a toll on Perry, who went through the highs and lows of celebrity life right in front of our eyes. That incredible success story could have been the source of his life’s most difficult challenges. Let’s look at 18 Surprising Things About Matthew Perry’s “Friends” Experience.

18. He Struggled With Addiction

17. He has little recollection of Seasons 3-6.

16. He’s utterly oblivious to significant events like hooking up with Monica in London.

15. He Formed A Real “Friends” Group – The Cast Remains Close

14. In 2004, he had the time of his life on set.

13. Courteney Cox Supported Him During His Sobriety Struggle

12. His Personality Helped Shape Chandler Bing

11. He believes his time on “Friends” was iconic, or he is afraid of ruining it with a reunion.

10. His Time On “Friends” Harmed His Dating Life

9. His role in “Friends” is the “best job in the world” for him.

8. During his time on “Friends,” he spent two stints in rehab.

7. Almost the entire time he has on set, he was “painfully hungry.”

6. He Suffered From Pancreatitis During “Friends.”

5. He Collided With A House In His Porsche

4. He’d lost 20 pounds, and it was clear what he’d done.

3. He and the rest of the cast banded together to demand pay parity.

2. He felt lonely because of the pressures from his “friends.”

1. He Struggled With Fame

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