Friends: The 10 Harshest Things Chandler Did To Monica

When Chandler and Monica first met as Friends, no one knew their relationship would last. Monica is tidy, well-organized, and requires a lot of attention. Chandler is sloppy, lazy, and prefers to sit back and relax. Despite this, the two made it, perfectly complementing each other and proving that opposites attract.

Chandler knew how to irritate Monica. 

Chandler knew precisely what to do/say to get Monica to leave him alone whenever she pushed his buttons. Monica became Chandler’s trainer in The One Where Ross Finds Out. As tenacious as ever, Monica was not about to let Chandler abandon his weight-loss goal. Chandler had different ideas. He hit Monica where it hurt because he couldn’t get her to leave him alone. He delivered a speech about her failed career, lack of a romantic partner, and how she should give up. The worst part of Chandler’s address wasn’t that he irritated Monica; it was that he made her believe that all of her negative thoughts were her own. Monica was upset by the conversation.

Chandler smoked a cigarette to annoy Monica.

Chandler is usually the first to give up in a fight. On a few occasions, he refuses to let an issue go. Chandler would instead make things worse than put them to rest at these times. Things were tense when Chandler’s job separated him from Monica. They were trying for a child, Chandler was commuting between states, and the two didn’t have much time to talk.

Chandler made a call. Monica Obese

As Ross and Chandler attended college together, Chandler frequently visited the Geller household. Monica always had self-esteem issues, particularly about her weight. Chandler was insensitive about Monica’s weight when he was at the Geller home. He described Monica to Ross as “your fat sister.” Although Chandler never intended for Monica to hear him, he could have kept his thoughts to himself.

Monica was forbidden from speaking to Richard by Chandler.

Monica chose not to tell Chandler about her lunch with Richard. She was concerned that he would become insecure or childish as a result. Chandler became passive-aggressive after Phoebe accidentally revealed the secret. Chandler went so far as to forbid Monica from ever seeing Richard again as the argument progressed.

On Their First Weekend Away, He Ignored Her.

Chandler and Monica kept their relationship a secret when they first started dating. They were afraid that it would be the end of them if anyone found out. Chandler and Monica decide to go away together and pretend to be on separate work trips in The One With The Kips. Chandler turned his attention to the television as soon as they were alone. Monica was more important than a television car chase. Monica was only looking forward to spending time with Chandler. He completely ignored her before getting into a fight with her.

Chandler pretended that he had no desire to marry.

Chandler persuaded Monica that he never wanted to marry to surprise her with his proposal. Monica’s only desire has always been to marry the man she loves and start a family. Chandler should have known that, despite his good intentions, such drastic measures would frighten Monica. Chandler should have known how badly such an action would affect Monica because he is no stranger panicking. Monica then sought solace from Richard. Chandler demonstrated that he didn’t know Monica as well as he claimed.

Because he didn’t trust Monica, Chandler stole Richard’s VHS tape.

Richard was Monica’s true love, according to Chandler. Chandler was frequently resentful of Richard, and he didn’t always respond responsibly when the subject came up. Chandler usually kept it to a sarcastic joke or a snide remark about Richard. His skewed judgment sometimes led him to make rash decisions.

Joey took Chandler to see Richard’s apartment when he looked for investment opportunities.

Chandler discovered a tape with Monica’s name in The One With Ross’ Inappropriate Song. He assumed it was a pornographic film. Because his insecurities overtook his common sense, he stole it. Although the tape contained nothing harmful, Chandler’s theft revealed a lack of trust between him and Monica.

Chandler has decided to relocate to Tulsa.

Chandler threw a spanner in the works by agreeing to move to Tulsa for his job when Chandler and Monica were ready to start their life together. Even though it was an accident, Chandler didn’t explain his situation to his bosses. Instead, he advised Monica to relocate to Oklahoma from New York. It shouldn’t have come down to Monica in the first place. Instead of pleasing his boss, Chandler should have been trying to save his wife. Chandler stole Monica’s Apartment

Chandler stole Monica’s Apartment

Ross organizes the iconic quiz of who knows each other better – the boys or the girls – in The One With The Embryos. Monica and Rachel were pitted against Chandler and Joey. According to viewers, Monica only bet on the girls’ apartment because Chandler suggested it. Chandler exploited Monica’s competitive nature. Monica’s wagered apartment was a far more excellent sacrifice than Chandler’s wagered pets, making the wager unbalanced from the beginning. Chandler wasn’t willing to give up the victory because he was desperate to keep it. Initially, Chandler abandoned Monica at the altar.


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