How I Met Your Mother: Why Robin Should Have Been With Both Barney & Ted (& Why She Was Right To Choose)

The love triangle between Robin, Barney, and Ted was a huge part of How I Met Your Mother, but a different relationship dynamic could have fixed it!

he love triangle between Robin, Barney, and Ted was a storyline that went on throughout the majority of How I Met Your Mother. It would often put a strain on the relationship between the three best friends, and negatively impacted their group dynamic. Robin was constantly going back and forth between them, and even when she was seconds away from walking down the aisle, she questioned her decision.

Her marriage to Barney didn’t put an end to the love triangle. After Robin and Barney got divorced, the show concluded with Robin and Ted reuniting. But all the trouble and hardships could have been avoided if Robin chose the third option, and opted to be with them both in a polyamorous relationship. However, arguments can be made that deciding between them was the way to go.

10Both: Ted And Barney Wanted To Raise A Kid Together

For one fleeting moment, Barney and Ted wanted to raise a kid together. They even went home and slept on it and woke up the next morning with the same conclusion. Their test run didn’t exactly work out, but the sentiment was still there. In this arrangement, the three of them could do it, for real. They would have to adopt, since Robin is unable to conceive, and there’s also the issue of Robin not wanting kids. If that is the case, Ted and Barney could raise the children by themselves. That way, everyone gets what they want.

9Choose: There Would Still Be Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t always an issue in poly relationships, but it poly relationships but it probably would be for these three. Ted and Barney tried to keep things civil, but there was always a little jealousy when it came to Robin. It was a point of conflict that came up more than once, no matter how hard they all tried to keep their feelings to themselves. If Robin dated both of them, the jealousy wouldn’t go away. They’d argue over who spends the most time with her, and it would end up being a miserable situation. If Robin chose one of them and stuck with it, the other would be able to move on once and for all.

8Both: It Aligns With Barney’s Philosophies On Dating

No matter how much he loved Robin, Barney was still Barney at the end of the day. After their divorce, he reverted right back to his old ways and admitted he wasn’t happy in his marriage. This is true to Barney’s character as they ran into the same problem when they dated the first time. Barney can never be happy with only one woman, and if Robin was also dating Ted, it might open the door for Barney to be with other people, as well. If this was the arrangement from the beginning, Barney and Robin could have stayed together, while Barney was still free to pursue other women, too.

7Choose: Ted Wouldn’t Have Met Tracy

As How I Met Your Mother proved, it’s possible to love more than one person in a lifetime,if  Robin had not choose barney at least for the few years they were married, Ted never would have found Tracy. No matter how much he cared for Robin, Ted was at his happiest when he was with the mother. Robin had to make that initial choice, so Ted could fall in love again. The series wouldn’t have existed without Ted and Tracy’s love story. -ز���

6Both: No One Would Get Hurt

No matter which man Robin was with, someone was always left heartbroken. When Ted and Robin started sleeping together again, Barney spent an entire episode in distress. After Barney and Robin got engaged, Ted admitted to his kids that it was the worst pain he had ever felt in his life.

5Choose: None Of Them Seem Aware It’s An Option

The option of being in a polyamorous relationship never appeared to cross anyone’s mind throughout the entire love triangle debacle. It could have put an end to their predicament, but for some reason, none of them ever broached the subject. Since Robin was so torn between Barney and Ted, it might have been the smartest course of action. However, she was never seen contemplating it. It’d be difficult for Robin to be with both if no one thought to put the idea on the table.

4Both: Robin Wouldn’t Have To Question Her Decision

No matter who Robin chose she was always going to have doubts. There was bound to be a part of her that wondered if she made the right choice. On the day of her wedding, she confessed her doubts to Ted and wondered if Ted was the one she should be marrying. After he had a heart-to-heart with her, Robin decided that Barney was the one for her. That decision didn’t stick, and Robin realized she should have been with Ted the whole time. Robin’s life would have been much easier if she didn’t have to go back and forth between them.

3Choose: Ted And Barney’s Lifestyles Are Too Different

Despite being best friends, Ted and Barney live different lives. Ted is often put off by Barney’s inappropriate behavior, and Barney finds Ted’s simple lifestyle boring. Barney has always told Ted that he wants to teach him how to live, but Ted very rarely takes him up on that offer. It would be difficult for them to both be under the same roof when they want opposite things. If they had their own places, Robin would have to divide her time and live a double life.

2Both: They All Love Each Other

The most painful aspect of How I Met Your Mother’s love triangle was that neither man wanted the other to suffer. Barney and Ted were friends long before Robin came into the picture, and it was clear they’d be friends no matter how things turned out. If being with both men was what Robin wanted, they could find a way to make it work. There’s love between all three of them, and they’ve been each other’s family since the beginning.

1Choose: Ted Couldn’t Go Through With It

At the end of the day, there’s one glaringly obvious reason why Robin was right to choose between them. Ted is an old school hopeless romantic who wanted to settle down with a wife and kids. It’d be difficult to get him on board with such an untraditional relationship, and he’d never be happy as long as he had to share Robin with someone else. Ted’s views on love make it clear that he’s a one-woman type of guy, and it’s not realistic that he would change. �ز’��

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