To say that WWE superstar John Cena enjoys the hard work and dedication that comes with lifting for size and strength is an understatement. Every serious weightlifter, including John Cena, has a foundation built on a code of ethics and standards.

8.There is no music.

I enjoy listening to the audience.” “I don’t listen to music when I lift,” says Cena. “I don’t listen to music either before going out for WWE.”

7.Get rid of the Smith Machine.

“It can only be used as a coat rack.” It’s not going to help. It is a hindrance. He makes you move in a specific way.”

6.Accept the Squat

“There’s only one lift that no one can do without.” Period. Without a doubt.”

5.Strengthen your Weaknesses

“If you have hamstring problems, as I do, create a program to strengthen your hamstrings. It’s simple.”

4.Place your weights in a safe place.

“Your mother isn’t a gym member.” So make sure you clean up after yourself. It shows you respect the place if you take the time to put the weights back.”

3.As you get older, allow yourself more recovery time.

“I go to the gym four times a week.” We’ll reduce it to three times a week if I can’t handle it four times a week. It’s not too difficult.”

2.Experiment with new things and be willing to suffer for a while.

“I remember when I started doing Olympic lifts. I was unable to complete them. And I came to a fork in the road where it said, ‘Learn how to do these properly—or don’t do them again.’ And I threw myself into it wholeheartedly. It was a very humbling experience. “However, it worked out.”

1.Perform the Tasks

“Just get in and get out.” You must do vital things if you want to be strong. You must set goals that are both realistic and attainable, and then go in there and kick some ass.”

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