Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene in How I Met Your Mother

Each main character in the show has a distinct personality and is remembered for one thing. Although How I Met Your Mother is full of memorable scenes, Ted and his friends all have pivotal moments that stand out.

Tracy McConnell: The Train Station’s Yellow Umbrella

For years, viewers have anticipated Ted’s meeting with the woman with the yellow umbrella. Every season brought viewers closer to the truth, and as the series progressed, more pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The most important clue given to viewers was a glimpse of Ted’s first encounter with the titular character.

Barney Stinson: 52 Seconds

In under fifty-two seconds, Barney told how he and Robin became a couple. He began when he played “Have you met Ted?” and continued until he reached the current one. This scene became famous because of Neil Patrick Harris’s flawless recitation of the story.

Robin Scherbatsky: Let’s Go To The Mall

Robin Sparkles, Robin’s stage name in Canada, was more than a show-stopper. Her song “Let’s Go to the Mall” became a hit outside of the show and was even featured in the video game “Just Dance 3.” Cobie Smulders released a new version of the song in 2020, dubbed “Let’s Go to the Mall: Quarantine Edition,” because it was a fan favorite.

Marshall Eriksen: Slapsgiving

The slap bet was one of the show’s best running gags, and Slapsgiving quickly became a gang tradition. Marshall decides to start a countdown to anticipate the event, leaving Barney counting down the seconds.

Lily Aldrin: “That’s Love, B*Tch”

Lily’s quote quickly went viral, and it’s still going strong today. Lily and Marshall’s high five gifs have been used to react to couples from all kinds of television shows in a world full of shippers. This quote was meant to highlight Lily and Marshall’s love for each other, so the context is pretty accurate.

Ted Mosby: The Blue French Horn

Although it isn’t the most famous scene, it is without a doubt Ted’s most famous. The best series finales have a full-circle moment, like How I Met Your Mother. Ted steals the blue french horn from the restaurant and displays it outside Robin’s window on the night of their first date. Ted’s story concluded with Robin regretting her decision to marry Barney rather than Ted. On the other hand, Ted was already with Tracy, and Robin’s shot had been blocked.

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