According to reports, Vince McMahon insisted on reuniting a central WWE team.

According to reports from Fightful, the latest reunion of legendary WWE faction The New Day was insisted upon by Vince McMahon himself.

According to Fightful, Vince McMahon insisted on the most recent reunion of legendary WWE faction The New Day.

The New Day, arguably the most successful faction in the company’s history, was split up – in a sense – in 2020. Members Kofi Kingston and current King of the Ring Xavier Woods were selected to move to Monday Night RAW during that year’s WWE Draft. However, their other countryman, Big E, ended up on SmackDown. Even though they were on two different shows. The faction (as well as the company) insisted there was no breakup of the section.

WWE wanted to recreate the “magic” of the New Day.

According to these reports. The original “split” of the group involved Big E’s push for the WWE Championship, which he won by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against Bobby Lashley. McMahon, according to Fightful, wanted the company’s top babyface to be “on their own in most situations” and not rely on a faction. Despite celebrating with him afterward, it explains why the rest of the New Day didn’t participate in Big E’s Money in the Bank cash-in match.

With Big E no longer champion. McMahon reportedly wanted to reunite the trio because. He missed the magic they created together. Despite this. The chairman insisted that Kingston and Big E be referred to as a duo rather than the New Day. Most companies didn’t get the memo because they continued to be referred to as the New Day on TV and online until the following week.

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