10 Times Chandler Bing was The Funniest Character on FRIENDS

From Season 1 to Season 10, Chandler Bing proved himself to be the type of stand-up guy who had us all rooting for him to succeed and find love.

Inviting His Dad

The show had hinted at Chandler’s relationship with his father, but it had never been fully explored. Until Monica expressed an interest in meeting him and inviting him to their wedding.

Financing Joey’s Career


Chandler has been a huge help to Joey over the years. He can be thankful for a lot of things. They’d been suggesting at it for a while before stating it outright.

Chandler Finally Cries

The plot was a little silly, but after seeing what Ross did to Rachel, Chandler finally burst out crying and showed a little vulnerability at the end of an episode where we weren’t sure if he was going to show his emotions or not.

Committing To Janice

Despite Chandler’s on-again, off-again relationship with Janice over the years, he finally got into the mindset of wanting to settle down – and Janice was the girl he wanted to do it with.

The Proposal

Despite the fact that Chandler’s initial plan to ‘woo’ Monica backfired, we still got to see him flow his heart out to the woman he loves in the hopes of finally proposing.

Dressing As Santa

Chandler borrowed a Santa suit from a coworker after Ross called everyone and asked for one. Isn’t it wonderful?

The Advertising Job

We weren’t sure Chandler would get the advertising job he wanted, but it was evident throughout the episode that Mr. Bing was desperate for the part.

“I’m In Love With Monica!”

Despite the fact that we all knew it wasn’t going to work, Phoebe and Chandler continued to try to seduce each other.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Chandler was smitten with Joey’s girlfriend Kathy, and while kissing her while she was still with Joey was inappropriate, there was one moment before they officially got together that warmed our hearts.

Saving The Adoption

After all this time, Chandler Bing stepped up and demonstrated that he would go to any length to ensure that his lovely wife became a mother.


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